Digitone feature requests!


import my own waveforms.

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Has microtonality been discussed yet?

Like the Preen FM2 or the Korg Monologue?

I am a fan of Aleksi Perälä’s “Colundi” excursions.


Parameter slide and song mode please ! I agree on expression pedal, that would be cool as modulation source. (Now that i have one since yesterday ^^)


It would be really nice to have the option to bypass an audio input from the chorus/delay/reverb send parameters on the Master page. Currently, the chorus/delay/reverb send parameters affect both L & R inputs equally.


Everything evolve ! Elektronauts too now we make (it’s not new I know but still…)
a feature requests thread based on a pdf file… without to have the machine between hands

The world becomes crazy… it’s too fast…
…too fast :frowning:

Not to mention @darenager and I tell you that with a smile but you waiting for long time for something and you create a thread to give more work to Elektron ? hahaha :joy: well i see… are you a man of contradictions ? I like contradictions in ART !



^ Strike while the iron is hot :rofl:

Nice pic of the green triangle BTW :wink:


I’ve never intensely studied a manual as quickly & eagerly as I did the Digitone’s. I have the PDF open right now, while I’m at work, just so I can skim through it again & again every so often. I already know exactly how I want to use it, and have been imagining the different things I could do when designing sounds given its architecture.


AND I think it’s great I like that enthusiasm … I’m enthusiast too for the DigiTone. It’s more how I will afford the problem for now quite frankly :joy: already take AR MK2 and A4 MK2 on 24 Months so…

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Is there some kind of phantom cow or horse in that blue rectangle?


How about being able to use unallocated LFOs for other tracks?

Or being able to route one track’s output into the modulator or carrier of another track?

Or being able to insert one of the filters somewhere inside the FM algorithm?

And can we already do different pitch envelopes for the carrier and modulator separately from each other? That always gets stupidly cool in u-he bazille…

I also second the notion of separate L/R control of fx… like on the A4. Would be way more flexible when using the ’tone as a lil mixer for other boxes.

PS: SWING TRIGS! Just checked the manual and there doesn’t seem to be any way to do negative swing like on the analogs & OT? This is a big deal… If nothing else from my feature list makes it, please add swing trigs! (or at least -50% to -80% swing ranges in addition to the positive +50% to +80% range). I use neg. swing more than regular swing in my music these days, its kickass!



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Can you not already do this just by setting key scaling to 0?

EDIT: nope, the key scaling only changes the amplitudes of the operators… doh

I saw a lot of empty parameter slots on there- perhaps it might come. Possibly as “slide velocity”

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Damn? 11am the next day you ppl have evolved a day old machine more than moog or DSI have evolved anything in the last 25 years
Doesn’t anyone just want a keytar accessory :star_struck:

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Would like sample rate reduction added as an effect.
Always my favourite effect added to sin wave FM.
SRR aliasing added to the purity of FM is audio bliss


ouch, no fixed freq mode?

Random polyphonic arpeggiator


Song Mode🙂


Note slide


Parameter slide