Analog rytm mk2 pad issues

Hello for some days now my analog rytm mk2 has been having some problems with the pads while being on MUTE mode. Every time i touch pad 6 or 7, pad 10 mutes and unmutes along with them without being touched. (the same is happening sometimes with pad 7) even sometimes i press the pads to mute/unmute them and they are unresponsive. I’ve read in another post ( Rytm MK2 select track bug or hardware issue? ) that it may have something to do with the pads circuitry, but i have this problem only while being on mute mode. I’ve uploaded two videos on youtube showing this:

I’ve updated my machine to 1.45, but i dont think that it has something to do with this problem.

I hope this may have a solution in which i dont have to return it, because i love this machine

Thanks in advance

In mute mode the pads are more sensitive. Unfortunatly your Rytm was not calibrated properly. Users can not recalibrate the pads so you are going to have to send it to the mothership for recalibration.

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And even then it may not work. My pads were replaced and recalibrated a couple of weeks ago and it’s still doing the same thing.

yes i’ve been reading that post in which someone says that it is the 4TH TIME that he’s about to change his unit due to this problem. ( Am i cursed? rytm mkII pads bug ) What are the options? Should i keep it or change it? (Im far far away from sweden) What are you planning on doing ?

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hi, yes you should send it back for repair or change for another one from the retailer since as i’ve learned from other threads of the same topic it is an hardware issue btw you can try to update the os or do a factory reset and see what happens… just curious, your serial number end with 72? from what i’ve learned on the forum many of the defected machines serial numbers end with 72


KRB where can i find the serial number? Is your unit now OK?

on the box or on the bottom of the machine, still waiting… should arrive this week

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BTW I’ve already done the update from 1.40 to 1.45 and i’ve already tried the factory reset without any success (I’ve done the test mode as well and is showing 0 errors)

yes, my serial number ends in 72 as well! Cursed 72? Thanks for the extra data. So i guess i’ll be talking to my local retailer for a repair or to change it.

probably is a defected batch but not sure about it since there are not official statement from elektron, anyway test mode was 0 error for my previous machines too, seems it’s not detected as an issue

Did they change the machine or just repaired it all the times you’ve sent it back? Perhaps the solution might be to change the machine instead of repairing it

change every time

hoping this is the last time

i hope it does not happen that to me. Anyways, thanks for clearing my doubts, i feel better now that i know that it happened not only to me.

u’re welcome, anyway for me is the opposite ahaha, discover this is a common issue with all the others bugs and problems make me feel so bad since i love elektron machines >.< try to see a thread called analog rytm freeze or similar ( i don’t remember the exact name)

My RYTM mkii serial number also ends in 72 although it does not have a mute problem. Hopefully your dealer or Elektron will take care of you.

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I’ve read that post KRB and fortunatelly i dont have that problems with mine (hope on my next unit to not have it either)

Hopefully they will! Good to know there’s someone with serial number that ends in 72 that is not having the same issue (perhaps it has nothing to do with the batch then)

Me, I’ll send it back again. Mine is now beyond the time limit for when it can be returned to the retailer for exchange or refund, so I have no choice but to send it back until it’s fixed. The crazy thing is, one of the reasons I traded up from the MkI is because the pads were supposed to be improved (I had the same issue on my MkI, but it was calibrated by Elektron and never happened again). I have no doubt that Elektron will get it worked out eventually.

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hope they will! best of lucks to us all

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