The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


I don’t know if it’s what you’re talking about, but the knob response when micro timing always felt too fast to me - wish the encoders weren’t so sensible when adjusting that parameter


I have to say, I’m a bit dissapointed there was no Digitakt OS update on Superbooth… :frowning:


me too


The end of the month would be a more likely although not necessarily likely date for an update, being the 2 year mark.
Why dont you use the arrow keys for microtiming?, I didnt find it was practical to even try using the endoders.


I would be pretty satisfied if dt got multi map and portamento. Simple things that open up the box a ton

Other than that just continue with OB. As far as im concerned anything else is just icing. My DT has been solid for me


me too… too

a basic mode song to use digitakt as backing track
i hope this feature since i’ve bought the machine


Portamento, just like on Digitone! Those two empty boxes on the TRIG menu are just begging to be Portamento.


I agree with the band pass filter so much! I sample mainly bargain bin vinyl and the super bright sound of the DT is a bit of a headache with dusty LP sounds especially when all 8 tracks are layered up. Also having to resample and LPF every sample kills the workflow a fair bit.
Please please please we need a BPF.


Yeah im a bit surprised to see digitone to get multimap first… really seems like feature that the digitakt would have deserved to get first. Portamento would be great also… hopefully we dont have to wait for another hardware upgrade to see these features become a reality on the digitakt, digitone keys coming out probably meant they had more staff working on the software side of digitone so the release would feel more substantial.


Digitakt 2 year anni is coming up. I feel like its realistic to expect that digitakt gets these then.


Possibility to have 100% wet effetcs. The most intuitive for me would be if the track volume is post-effects send (with the volume on the amp page being pre effects send), such that you can have it set to 0 to kill the dry signal after the effects send.


Midi loopback is your good friend

You can use the midi tracks to set up alternate sounds to be triggered, different timbres or volumes of the same sound or you can use all 8 midi tracks to create a custom keybed for one or more tracks (monophonic but multitimbral).
You may also set more than one audio track to be triggered by the same midi channel, giving you control of up to 8 parameters across as many of the audio tracks as you want.
By setting the midi channel of the effects and an audio track to the same channel, you can have simultaneous control of fx and track parameters on the same parameter page.

Pretty great for passing the time while they implement a multimap. :massage_man:t2:


Agree with bypass filter & glide.

Would also like scale & swing per track & for elektron to release the effects as a separate software plug in bundle (verb, delay & compressor) so we could process each individual track with them in a DAW setting (free for device owners & perhaps something they could sell to non-device owners). This would provide more flexibility than bouncing the master sends. Obviously there are many plug in alternatives out there but i do like the way the fx sound!


Would it be too much to add a second LFO per track? But I agree with everyone else about band pass filter and portamento. A randomizer function would be kinda fun too.


As Aksdnt mentioned above, the MIDI loopback is your friend! You can use it to reroute the 8 LFOs from the MIDI tracks to have more than one LFO per audio track. Not perfect but it’s a nice addition while waiting for this hypothetical update. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to see midi retrig on the Digitakt now the Digitone has multimap, would be awesome for sequencing Digitone drums from the Digitakt.

Conversely, midi arp on the Digitone would be handy when sequencing Digitakt synth sounds. These features would make the DT-DN pair even more great. If scale per track could also be added, both devices would have the features you’d reasonably expect.


I wonder if there will be a fw update and what ot might bring the beta is mostly on OB stuff and i dont even use it :frowning:

Bp filter
Per track scale/length
Midi retrig
Internal midi loopback
Slices maybe
Fade in fade out on sample loop points, maybe zero crossing snap

Ctrl all groups

Usb class compliant audio ( for ipad this would be truley awesome )

I can wish right…


I’m still fairly new to the Digitakt, but here’s my list after spending 6 weeks with it…

#1 - BP filter - This will add a lot to sound design capability, and the DAC looks up to the task.

#2 - Song Mode - Yes it’s a sore topic, but I feel the unit really needs a way to automate pattern changes out of the box (esp with such a strong sequencer, and 8 midi tracks).

#3 - Ability to copy and paste patterns with the kit - Everyone works a bit differently, but since patterns are the heart of the machine, the ability to copy them with their corresponding sounds to the same project, or between projects should be more straight forward.

Since the Digitone got portamento and keyboard mapping, those could fill those 2 spots on the trig page
I see a lot of requests for track scaling, and effects processing of external L+R and those are good requests (not my top 3, but I’d be happy with any progress).

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Update including more filter types?

Hi, you can actually copy the pattern with all the informations it contains (= kit + sequencer), press PTN + Trig Key + Rec to copy and hold PTN + Trig Key + Stop for around 3 seconds to paste. Unless I misunderstood your feature request?

It might also work between different projects! I know that you can copy and paste page settings between project so patterns should be the same.


Really? Wow - I will test that tonight. If it works, I’ll be thrilled!

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