The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Cool. Xx


Sounds like you need an Octatrack.


Just ordered an OT (again. The last had a loose screw, so returned it and craved more for a DN at that time, so got that instead). But I also want a DT for drums (Again. Have returned a couple with loose screws. Got a good one, but returned it to get the OT, because I wanted more depth. But it had a loose screw). A middle thing between the 2, but as hands on as the M:S would be golden. A good middle thing.
It also sounds like I might have ADD with all those “unnecessary” details hehe.


The micro timing is really exciting, an update to stretch the locking grid,

bigger than the old.

New values ​​,for micro timing adjustment :blush: :
Even easier to point a note in a measured time
Please !


Haha, yeah, let loose screws lie, buddy :slight_smile:


Butbutbut, they are important to keep everything together! :smiley: Unless if it’s unnecessary screws for cosmetic use of course :thinking:


Official Elektron Branded Battery Pack for the Digitakt.


I do actually have a simple wish for the Digitakt and I don’t think it would big hassle to implement :
The ability to retain the sound filter type per track in the project through out patterns.

Here’s why it’s useful, I am sure most people dedicate tracks for specific things for instance track 1 for kicks, track 2 for hihats etc. (or whatever it might be)
if I am setting up pattern 1, track 1 sound filter to something (say kicks for instance) I want to be able to find that filter already setup for me in pattern 2, track 1 when I transition that would save a tremendous amount of time and makes performing live much better IMO.

If you use your DT like a drum machine for instance you would love this, if you don’t dedicate your tracks for specific duties you can always change this nothings is set in stone.

@Ess is this feasible at all ? any thoughts ?


I would like the ability to latch the track button when using TRK+All (CTRL ALL) function.


I have a similar workflow. I created a template that I open (along with a backup in case I accidentally save over it) to use as an init project.


Ability to quickly loop 16 bars of a 64 beat pattern even if it’s not at the start of a pattern.


id wish i can connect external hdd to usb port on digitakt and just swim in samples <3

Digitone feature requests!

Connect a SP-404 (or any sampler) and your all set.


how much samples can sp404 hold up please :slight_smile: ?


Storage space depends on the SD card size if SX or A, CF for OG 404. Each pad can hold a sample for a total of 120. 404 is awesome but paired with a DN to sequence it it’s another story. Shameful plug below is a quick tune with DN and the 404SX playing guitar samples.


It would be cool to see Pattern Chain sequence on the creen when you press PTN button if chain mode is active. :+1:

  1. Polyphony on a single track, built-in in the machine (like MPC Live). I am aware you can use Retrokit cables or M4L, but this not always convenient.

  2. Proper SOLO function - no octopus style muting for achieving this.

  3. Perhaps a different colour combination for the mute/active state of tracks, when the sequence is running? Sometimes it is a bit confusing…

  • more filter modes (at least a bandpass to cope with the already available HP and LP)
  • true stereo imaging for the inputs
  • portamento/glide and polyphony would be great if CPU does allow it.


an even more responsive micro timing


Multi Map for digitakt :yum: