The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


I just tried it and it does work between different project! The tricky part is that it only copies Sample Slot information and not the actual sample, so you would have to organize your samples accordingly or just find the corresponding sample slots.


this would work well on the TRIG page


Here’s a request:



On the real though I hope a nice DT update comes soon. OB is dope but the DT feels like it’s just a notch away from being complete.


Perfect spot for a second set of Trig Condition<3


My prediction what’s going to go there :slight_smile:


I use my Digitakt as the brain of my setup (sequencing everything and controlling the synths). Unfortunately I’m really missing the ability to use the mod/pitch wheel on my MIDI keyboard. Seems like this should be so simple to add… @Ess , is there any chance this is going to get added???


Digitakt needs some firmware update love


If only empty spots were a sign of future features. Quite a few of the boxes have empty spots in menus.


I just really want a second page of Midi CC’s on the midi tracks. Could be simple to bring up the page. Hitting the button would cycle between page 1 and 2. Shoot, you could even have it cycle through like 4 pages. Imagine having 32 CC Parameters.


Dude I feel you on this in a major way, it would be excellent to have a second page!!!


There’s probably a limit on how much midi data can be sent
And a limit on how much data the sequencer can move about and output.

It could be like expecting your PS4 to display everything in 4K , in reality it’s just not powerful enough to draw 4x the amount of graphics and they had to upgrade the hardware for something that might seem simple.


That’s a bummer. I understand the need to fill up the screen, but literally anything could go there. I’d even take a nice little animation of some sort there just to spice things up.


Thanks, just tried this and for me exporting the sounds works best as it auto-imports and auto-assigns the samples (when you are going between projects).

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A switch to send the track to headphone monitoring.


A cynical person might think that Elektron leave empty boxes to give the impression of more to come without ever commiting to actually filling them.


I have a feeling we’ll be gettin a mk II in a year or two with many of our most wanted features added, think after the compressor the DT is going to stay more or less the way it is.

Hope I’m wrong!


I think you are right!


Did they ever fill up that boxes? Not as far i know…
My wish is to be able to save patterns with samples and sound, or at least to be able to share patterns between projects ( with samples and/or sounds )


I hope you’re wrong too!

The Digitakt is so close to being pretty perfect, it wouldn’t take much to round it out.
People are consistently asking for the same things - there’s a very clear and real path to completion.


Second CC Page and possibility to P-Lock Reverb time/density for me please :slight_smile: