ST tips & tricks

I figured there were some tips lost in the ST discussions. Would be cool to gather them in one place… There it is!


SY TONE: if you choose the lower ratio (.0125) and a bit of modulation + feedback, you can get a tremolo aka slow LFO on the pitch.

To get a fade in, use a LFO on the modulation amount.

Use the modulation envelope for a fade out.


SY BITS: set Waveform to e.g. 90, choose “SYN/Waveform” as one of the LFO destinations, set depth to 25, and you got a Pulse Width Modulation.


Velocity retrig keys can be used to change 4 parameters at the same time.
Just go to Sound setup menu, set the Velocity modulations (up to 4 slots with each their setting) and play the 4 mod keys to setup this as you wish.

It can also be used to get some kind of choke groups, e.g. on Hats you can setup different decays for the Velocity trigs.
But in such case, where you want to play with only one parameter, the Mod A/B are quicker to setup.


great tip :+1: … thanks

Hmm … that should be applicable to M:C … must try.

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There are new analog filters in this box.
On analog tracks, you get

  • Low Pass
  • Band Pass
  • High Pass
  • Notch
  • Low Shelf
  • Peak
  • Soft Shelf

On the AFX bus, you have

  • 4-pole Low Pass
  • 2-pole Low Pass
  • Band Pass
  • Notch
  • Double Notch
  • Low Pass w/ Notch

These last series can be used on top of Digital tracks, where you have

  • Low Pass
  • High Pass
  • EQ 1
  • EQ 2
  • EQ 3
  • EQ 4
  • EQ 5

and an additional base/width bandpass filter.

Forget a moment the “drum synth” part, and play with these filters on one or several DVCO… SY TONE can go pretty wild as well, btw.
You can use the trick on Pattern A03 from the demo presets to get some glide: Saw LFO with Phase to 64 on the tune parameter…
Unlock the multiple monosynth in there!


In the more melodic machines there is a very loud and annoying “click” generated if:

  • a filter has quite a resonance (this goes for digital and analog),
  • cutoff for a LP is positioned about 58-65,
  • the tone is set to have some sustain
  • the amplitude is set to “AMP Env Reset ON”

With this setting even if the Attack is long, this “click” is there and it seems not to be a “ping” of the filter.

The trick to get rid of it: set AMP Env Reset: OFF


Btw you can take advantage of these clicks to get vinyl like crackles ^^


The “SY CP” had some nice surprises up its sleeves … love it … never hat so much fun with a “clap” voice, very versatile :smiley: .

Try different:

  • “Spacings”,
  • the almost melodic-formant “Body”
  • low pitches

Even without filter resonance there is a huge source of quite different formant-like sounds, particularly, if pitch and body are modulated.


Absolutely, but I wanted a sustained warm bass. But you are right, there are some great “clicks” possible to be used as clicks :smiley:

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I’m still waiting for the ST to arrive today, but, from my AR memories, the impulse analog machine is really great for clicks ! With resonant filtering and some randomness.


Have you seen keyboard fold mode?
It’s a little bit hidden…
To toggle keyboard mode on and of, hit Fn+TRK.
If you hold Fn+TRK, you have access to a scale menu, in which encoder H toggles keyboard fold mode.
In Dorian scale, for instance, you have then access to 2 octaves, lovable.


I’ve noticed this too. Nice tip.

fun to use fold and do top and botom row aternately and make a arpeggiator style sounds


Are these analog?

LFO to PAN AMP on a HH engine. (something i do in Abelton quiete often, works also here.) Lots of cool fx possible with that. It even sounds a bit like a shaker.


No, they are digital.
Check page 17 of the manual.


Ok thanks, that’s what I was thinking looking at the signal diagram, just wanted to double-check.

Need some noise on a digital track?
Use SY BITS machine, set the balance parameter to 0.

An alternative is the SY TONE machine: set the feedback and modulation to max. To get rid of the default tone, you can use a very quick random LFO on Tune and/or Ratio.

This quick random LFO on Tune can be used on PC Carbon as well, in fact, if you set most of the parameters to max ^^

Different flavors of noise :slight_smile: