Introducing Syntakt

Yeah, I’d be surprised if I use more than about 8 or 9 tracks at a time, to be honest.

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Adding lower powered sampling to Syntakt after the initial release expectations is pretty savvy. Though some people will still complain that its not quadraphonic or whatever, short mono samples would be a huge bonus if you weren’t expecting it at all. If they were there from the beginning everyone would be begging for stereo

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:raising_hand_man: and yea DVCO
I mean, it works enough for me, but I’ve never had a real one, so depends how close it needs to be. I’m sure true 303 users will hugely disagree with this mind.
Someone else mentioned there are also no slides so it’ll never get fully there though.

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Yeah, understood - it’s 303-ish. Was just curious if it is the DVCO.

Indeed, but


Yea!! :cowboy_hat_face:
Or p-lock the LFO depth, LFO in trig mode, assigned to pitch. Making it a mod envelope.


how to use the DVCO to make an acid like bass? (which settings)

I’m the wrong person to ask, don’t have one. :slight_smile:

But probably a low pass filter and turning up the resonance will play a big part. Also filter envelope.

I got somewhat close on the AR. I can’t remember the exact settings, but it’ll get pretty close. I mean, it can get acidic, but not necessarily 303-acidic.

It may be that it’s easier on the Syntakt though.

Also someone did a tutorial on the Digitone on YouTube of how to make acid-style slides using the LFOs. You might want to search that one out, just in case the Syntakt works more like that than the way the AR does.

Anyway, you’d want to get a square wave. (the hollow transistor type if the Syntakt has it, not sure) accent your filter on some notes (you can p-lock small changes to do this) etc. etc. You can p-lock the envelope too, which can really help (almost more than direct setting locks on the filter).

The slide behavior is most important to an acid baseline IMO. You want that constant time style (like 303 for example) rather than constant rate which just doesn’t sound right. This could involve using the LFO technique to get right.

This is the DVCO on the AR. I couldn’t get it exactly the way I wanted, but somewhat close:


That is a lovely acidic sound you’re getting from the AR!

Thanks! I miss that little guy! However, I think this new ST fellow might do just fine in his place. Just need to acquire one. :smiley:


My Syntakt arrived yesterday and i love the bleepe percy fmish sounds with more complexity than on m:c.
I really like the combination of analog strength and wirrd clicki clacker stuff. Only the fx block inserting is a little confusing to me at the moment. 12 Tracks simultaneously feels like getting newer out of tracks. And the machines are selectable for each track individually. Thats a big changer in comparison to the rytm with some weak machines like the three toms imo.
Love it.

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Wait, the Rytm had tom tracks? I thought the middle row were the sample tracks. Well that’s what I always used them for. :tongue:
Decent 808 kick on the bass tom at least.


I actually really enjoyed that. Not bad coming out of a drum machine.


Can anyone confirm if the analog FX (filter and overdrive) is for pattern or global?

It’s per pattern.
There is a 13th track, the FX track, that allows you to sequence its parameters as well.

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I think so but just in case.
Thanks a lot!

So looking at the manual you can set the external inputs to either stereo or mono inputs, but there is no individual pan or delay/reverb sends for each mono input like there is on the Analog Four. Seems odd, have I understood this correctly?