ST tips & tricks

Not really a pro tip, but pretty useful for creating a variety of flavors for bass synth on the ST: The digital bd machine can be turned into simple but weighty bass synth (or the analog bd machines as well). Turn down the sweep to 0 and the decay to max. Change the amp envelope to ADSR and adjust it to taste, slightly slower attack works well. PUNCH, SMOD, MENV and overdrive can all be used to make it a bit nastier, adjust the filter for either a low boost using the HP with a bit of resonance or the usual LP+ENV bass sounds.


The Chord machine delivers good bass as well. Just use the unisono option and tune down. Rest to taste. Worked on the cycles. On the ST: Unisono x4,. Balance 20 and Wave 32 + Drive 26 and Filter Env - for example. The new graphics are very helpfull!


Off topic but hoping the DN gets these soon, it’s the odd one out now!

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My own favorite machine for bass on digital tracks is the SY TONE with low ratio / low feedback. I really like how this FM bass sounds, you can get a good variety of tones, especially with the modulation envelope in the SYN page to finetune the attack amount.


Layering a Digital Drum with an Analog Drum by mirroring buttons 1 and 9, 2 and 10 and 3 and 11 is a good habit and makes great results.


4 Kickdrum => we call it Schranz :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you!! This was driving me insane yesterday and you posted before I could post the question. :sunglasses:

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It is mentioned in the manual, but i skipped that and now stumbled upon this:

in settings/audio routing/usb out you are able to select main, external, off or any combination of track 9-12 for left and right (L:T9 R:T12, L:T11 R:T9, L:T10 R:10, and so on).
But it is only possible for the 4 analog tracks.


I got this one from a video
Press [Parameter page] + [yes] to randomize all parameters of the selected page :smiley:

Feel free to add hacks and gems that you discover!


Sorry, did not know where else to ask:

How does this pattern know to start without beat, and then beat comes in later, if I cannot see any chains?

(It’s been awhile since I used Elektron)

Check each trig condition in trig menu: they are most likely /1st


I think I’ve heard on loopop video review: impulse is a good solution for analog toms. I’ve tested with mid attack, mid decay and bandpass filter on lowend, and I was surprised how good it could be sounds… Not perfect but enough to tweak around.


Yeah I noticed this, I even did this, live record and just go random smushing keys…. Filter release down and delay up… it just kept making awesome arps to go over bass lines… this machine just seems to make everything more fun some how

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The most usable workaround for portamento or slide trigs I found so far:

Using a square LFO at speed 0 with FADE set to 32 or so (set destination to TUNE), I get a kind of portamento when recording the DEP parameter.

One isn’t able to tie actual notes this way, but it allows you tie the recorded TUNE values (almost like AR or OT). The LFO ramps the values between the trigs thanks to FADE. You can even turn the slide off, by P-locking FADE to 0. You can also control the slide speed.


I’m keen to hear its FM bass licks. Any examples up of 80’s DX7 new-orderish bass sounds?



Ok, one tip I learned from the video above is that your sound gets looped in ADSR mode, vs. only one tick for AHR.
Edit: AHD with “Note” hold also works this way.

Silly me, I’ve been missing this from day 1.


Please keep these coming mate, they’re wicked :raised_hands:

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I 100% thought this was an issue with the retrig getting stuck and have been tying to reproduce it as a bug. I need to head back over to the bugs thread and express my shame

edit: nope, retrig just stuck on an AHD. back to being shameless