How do the Syntakt filters sound?

Not sure I’ve noticed this being specifically covered in a demo video - but I was wondering how the analog filters sound on the syntakt? Are they the same circuit as the AH?

My understanding is that there is one for each of the analog tracks, and one for the fx block - not sure if they’re identical filter designs. Was wondering if maybe the analog machine filters were 12db.

I really like the AH filter so hoping they’re the same :slight_smile:


New additional filter types on analog voices and new (different) additional filter types on the analog track

I really like both types

Especially the really musical s shelved? pass filters on analog voice tracks. The double notched filters on the FX track are very powerful when modulated, gets phasery and musical

Really great additional options that are new to Elektron … as for other familiar forms the slopes should be documented in the manual


Ah wow sounds like different circuitry then - didn’t realise there were double notched filters, as in multi-peak?


Yeah, still lots to explore to get the most from these. Unsure if cymbal track is same as dvco ones mind you


I’ve just checked, they are the same.

For reference, here is the list of the analog filters available on the Syntakt:


What are the ‘soft’ filters, are they just 2-pole?

Here is the shape:

As you can imagine, the “Soft” Low Pass (that’s my own terminology, I have no clue what the real name is) does not filter completely the treble, it’s like there is a wet/dry amount somehow.

Edit: OK, @avantronica is right, “Low shelf” / “High Shelf” is the name of these filters:


6dB wow that is soft! For real subtle sound shaping, I normally consider 12dB too much of a slope haha

tbh that’s a lot of flexibility in the filters, especially as they’re analog!

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The s is indeed for shelf just re-checked, they’re not soft


Also forgot to big up the eq filters which allow boosting and attenuation, there are five widths and the res control is bipolar for peak/notch amount

But my fav is the shelf types


singsong filters?


Got it ok so Im aligned now - and looking again at the graphic LyingDalai posted it makes perfect sense tbh!



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The filters are nice but leave a bit to desire for me. I used several different analog filters and the Syntakt ones are more on the soft/bland side imo. Not a lot of mojo but very usable.

Fair, I guess they will have been crafted around their intended use - I really like the AH filter - the resonance on that thing is wild!! Other than the engagement pops its one of my favourite filters

Sorry to hijack the thread but do you all get a pop when switching between the FX attack filter types? Only seems to be on the notched ones

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Yeah I get pops when changing filters while it’s playing, hope they can smooth that out.