Octatrack OS Bug Reports


I still haven’t been able to replicate this problem exactly, but what HAS been happening (using Sezare’s steps for replicating it) is that when I switch to pattern 2 sometimes instead of track 1 recording stopping after 16 steps like it is set to, it just keeps recording using the pattern 2 track 1 defaults (so no inputs selected, length set to max) so instead of pattern 2 part 2 track 2 playing back what was recorded into the buffer in pattern 1 track 1 part 1, it plays silence because the track 1 buffer has been overwritten. Doesn’t happen every time and I won’t have time today to figure out exactly how to reproduce it but unless I’m making some obvious mistake (totally possible, I haven’t had coffee or breakfast yet) then it seems like it’s probably related.


@sezare56, @avantronica
I dug this out of a bug report I made from dec 2014:

So the issue has been around, I did not get a direct response about it from support because it was secondary to the main issue I wrote about and I did not give them steps to reproduce…


Here’s the first part of the report and the response from Elektron, just for info as it may be related:



This happens to me as well. I usually have to restart once, as it boots into a locked UI the first time. Then everything behaves normally.


Same thing


That locked UI problem is on MKI and MKII ?

Why some people have it, others not ?


Yesterday I noticed “UI NOT TESTED” message showed up on my OTMK2 screen for two seconds during playing. Nothing more happend, no freeze.
I don’t know what it means but I do really want to know.


I had a MIDI-only pattern going on a new bank, and I turned off my MKi expecting it to be saved. I flipped it back on a bit later and not only was my work gone - both channel assignments and pattern data - but it would not let me go back to that bank. When I tried to, it displayed a “bank not available” message which I’ve never seen before. I attempted to repro but could not.


In my case it’s a MK1, but it appears to happen on both. Not sure how to work what the criteria is that causes it


I’ve got maybe 3 hours of use on the MKI (about an hour at a time) so far and will have my first proper practice with it tonight so that will be a few more hours. So far no problems, although I suspect he record parameters some people have been having will show up eventually, it just isn’t the kind of thing that my current workflow leads to, since I don’t change record parameters much at all for this project.

If anything shows up tonight I’ll post about it here.


No problems last night, although I didn’t use any track recorders so the record properties bugs wouldn’t have shown up anyhow. But no freezes or display issues or anything.


Want to throw this one back into the collective consciousness … I’m finding this hard to overlook, quite a show-stopper whilst I’ve been exploring CC p-locking with the OT

A workaround is to shove in a trigless lock just before (space permitting) to serve the CC manually earlier than the note on - far from ideal !

anyway … discussed back in the day

“CC late bug” is rather apt - is it intentional/changeable


I’m wondering if sacrificing a midi track just for cc’s could be a workaround for now, to have access to all the steps.
If the priority track is microtimed differently than the next track, will the OT fire two events or just one because it’s the same step?


I’d been doing that so that CCs could have different TRCs, but it’s a pain to keep two tracks ‘parallel’ not to mention a waste - let alone a drag to microtime

some params won’t be so noticeable, for me this isn’t about how to get by it to make it as intended, it’s about whether it works nicely on the fly as you’d anticipate, otherwise it’s a buzzkill


I had a bug. Loaded a sample, played it, changed the sample slot, but it was keeping the first one, no sound change. Power off/on. Ok.

A freeze too, but I was experimenting to control a midi track with another one, using autochannel, in order to have many lfo’s for midi track control. The first one was controlling an audio track. Messy, not convinced by the promising experience.

Still really don’t like the midi incoming data plockable behavior.

But…for external gear, you can modulate a Ot’s midi track by its other midi tracks set to auto channel. Not convenient for settings.

I’ll make further tests without auto channel, and without audio vs midi corresponding channels.


I have a solution for the “UI not tested!” problem!!
When you power on your OT press function and than testmode… Thats all. In my case no UI boot problems any more…

Next day… same problem: UI not tested… It is not the solution.


Recording on record buffer 5,switch to other pattern - recording continues with no rec trig.
Yesterday OT Didn’t react on rec trigs, ignoring “RLen” parameter.
Freeze after switching on.


Sounds very logical.


OS 1.30B, OT mkI.

I wanted to make a long recording so I went to the Memory menu, set dynamic recorders on and reserves off. None of the sounds in my Static slots played after this. Preview from the sample list did nothing. Previewing each sample in the sample editor brought them back one by one. I luckily only had about 15 slots so it didn’t take too long…


Known bug, if you change Memory Config.
Reload project may works, not sure.
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