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I have my Octa for a couple of weeks and i’m still in the process of learning it… it’s a deeeeeep machine. I have some questions that i could not figure out yet, can someone help me ?

1 - In a 64-step pattern, is there a way to temporary ‘lock’ the pattern to only 16 steps (het 1:4 part for instance), so i can edit / loop only part without having to wait the whole 64 step pass by ?

2 - Let’s say i have 4 tracks with samples playing. Is there a way to see a level metter of each channel, like a real mixer ? I still find very confusing to really know what sample each channel is playing (or if is not playing at all)

3 - I noticed the T1 if blinking green, what does it mean ?

4 - T2 has a sample, but has no step red in the sequencer, but it’s still playing… why ?

Thank you very much for the help :smiley:


Blinking LEDs indicate the track is sent to the cue output. Hold Cue and press track button.


1 - Possible with Arranger

2 - no meter

3 - Means CUE is On

4 - Sample is still playing because it is looped, with HOLD and REL set to INF


“1 - Possible with arranger”

Ok, but how ?

In the Arranger, enter your pattern number on a row.

In the OF (offset) column for that row, enter the starting point that you want in terms of number of steps from the first. For example, offset = 16 would start playback on the 17th step of the pattern.

In the LN (length) column for the row, enter the number of steps that you want to play. For example, length = 16 would playback just one page.

You can jump in and out of the Arranger mode.


Thank you !

Another question : let’s say i want to record a solo synth improvisation. If some point of my improv has more than 2 notes per 1/16 step, the Octatrack will ignore one of the notes , right ?

No. It will use microtiming on two steps to store that infi.

Edit: yes, my bad. Read it wrong. More than 2 per is not possible. But you could increase the resolution for the track by two or four to get what you want.

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Just to clarify, i’m limited to 1 or 2 notes per step ?

You can have 2 on nearly the same time slot. Try microtiming.

So for instance, in step 5 i can have a C on the grid and a D near the end of the grid ?

External synth controlled by midi tracks ?
4 notes per step with midi tracks.

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To clarify, do you mean time resolution or chords?

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I mean a melody, 2 notes in sequence (not a chord). What i want to know if i’m limited to 16 notes per pattern, because in some improvisations i can play more than 2 per 1/16.

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The OT is a step sequencer. Each page has 16 steps. On an audio track, only one note can be recorded on each step. On a MIDI sequencer track, up to 4 notes can be recorded on each step, and each of the 4 notes has to begin and end at the same time.

The OT has a microtiming feature which, if activated, allows the start time of the event(s) on any step to be moved subtly ahead or behind of the regular timing.

When you try to record an expressive solo, you may find that the timing resolution of the step sequencer is not sufficient to record the subtlety of your playing. Sometimes this can be helped by using a “tempo multiplier“ of x2 to increase the timing resolution (but this shortens the time duration of a pattern).


Thank you , i suppose i will have to rely on Ableton in this kind of situation… Do you know if other sequencers (Deluge, Pyramid etc) also have this limitation ?


As @PeterHanes mentioned you can increase timing resolution with x2 multiplier, with per track settings.
32 steps per bar. 2 bars max but you can chain patterns or use Arranger.

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I do not know about Deluge.

Pyramid, MPC, some other hardware sequencers, and computer-based DAWs do not have this limitation: they can record at very high resolution.


Ok, thanks. I think it won’t be a issue, in case i need more resolution, i can record the session of this channel in Ableton, which i’m actually using to record the audio.

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More noob questions, please :slight_smile:

1 - Can i access samples outside my current project folder ? My idea is have a folder with all my samples, to use in various projects

2 - Is there any effect that i could simulate a stereo spread effect ? I mean, the sample will start in right channel some milliseconds after it start on the left channel.

3 - Is there any effect that i could do an autopan following the bpm ? Something like Autopan in Ableton.

4 - Is there any limitation in the card size ? Can i use a 64gb card ?

5 - Any shortcuts for SOLO a track ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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1 - I think sample folders are locked into your „Set“ and those can be used in all the projects that are in that Set - as far as I understood