Need some advice with audio path

oh like fx send on a guitar amp… well I’m not sure if I want it like that… I still want to use it for sampling and sequencing… I thought the cue outs where something completely different than fx sends… no to be honest I dont want to use the the 404 as just an fx send? I’m deeply confused… I thought cue outs and aux sends were two completely different things?

I’m more confused now than I begin lol…

Setting up an Aux send, like in that video I linked above, is just one of they ways you could possibly use the cue outs

I don’t really get what’s confusing about the cue outs. Think of them as a pair of additional outputs. You can send the audio of each track to both (main and cue outs) with different levels.

Additionally you can configure the OT to automatically mute a track from being send to main outs when you cue it. This way you can quickly switch where the output of a track goes to without fiddling around with the levels.

That’s all there is. Just another pair of outputs.

The only difference between main outs and cue outs is:

when you use track 8 as master track, this track cannot be send to the cue outs.

I got everything hooked up, I have new powerstrip, no groundloops, no noise:) and I have the 404 going with my sp404… only thing I can’t figure out is how to get more then 42sec of sample time… can someone walk me through so how I get 5 minutes?

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Turn dynamic recorders on in the project setup.

… At least I think that’s it. Check all the recording settings in project setup. Some of them confused me and I can’t be arsed to look in the manual right now

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I got it but one question… I recorded a little guitar riff… when I hit func + yes it plays it back at the right speed, but when I add it to a trig, the speed is super slow? why can’t i play it back at the original speed?

Because you have the time stretch on to match the bpm. Double tap playback to open up the settings where you turn this on or off. If you’re triggering a guitar part though, you’d probably want it in time with the rest of your stuff

What I did is I played the drumbeat, and at the same time recorded my sample in proper time… but now like you said it’s time stretched, just need to figure out how to turn that off :slight_smile: Not sure what the playback button is sorry.

How did you record the sample? With rec trigs or by hitting the record button?

If you did it with rec trigs and you have, say, a guitar part that is perfectly four bars (for example) then it will be in time with the project. If you just recorded a very long guitar part and stopped and started where you wanted it, then the OT is automatically detecting the BPM (incorrectly) and this is why your part sounds messed up.

I used the record button, I now found the time stretch option… I turned it to off, with it being off, it’s now playing back at the recorded tempo right?


But you’re about to get yourself into some serious Octa head scratching frustration territory. Tread carefully and deliberately

Like for instance, your guitar part will not loop properly with your drum part–I can almost guarantee that. There are a few reasons for this and things you’ll have to look out for/avoid in the future. Probably the easiest thing is to guarantee the sample starts right on a downbeat and ends on a downbeat… But if you have a very long sample this can be difficult.

Afaic the Octatrack isn’t good for recording long, timed samples. That’s better suited for a DAW and then imported into the Octa to mangle.

EDIT: I would also start asking some of these questions in the noob questions thread, as they’re more suited for it and people will see your SOS and come running :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use my OT in the aux send of my Mackie mixer when I play live with it.

It didn’t stop me from sampling or sequencing.

I don’t know what model of Mackie mixer you have. I have an 802-VLZ3. All the input channels that have the Aux Send knob set anywhere above 0 will send signal to the Aux Send output, which goes into an input on my OT. So it can sample from ANY of the Mackie input channels.

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What noob thread are you refering to I see no know newbie dicussions or anything? :frowning:

Speaking of effect loops on guitar amps, I’ve been using as sampling delay in the FX loop of my Boss Katana guitar amp. Works great! That way i can sample the sound of my violin or guitar after it has been processed by overdrive, phaser, etc. The output of the sampling delay goes back into the amp and is processed by amp reverb.

If you tried putting the Octatrack in the effects loop of your guitar amp and you were unable to sample with it, there might be something wrong with the guitar amp. Or there might be something wrong with the cables you used to patch the OT into the effects loop.

Same here. Flexibility rules!

I’m having an issue… with my sp404 and OT… I can use the CUE button and adjust the volume… i can hear my trigs on my OT with my sp404… but now I have guitar plugged into my mixer, and my mixer is going to CD input… how can I get it now so that my sp404 picks up guitar signal? :slight_smile: Before with my 404 at the end i was able to sample… now with it in the cues, I can use the 404’s effects with the OT, but i can’t sample devices…

I know I’m doing something wrong… Just can’t to spot the error. The effects are running, and work as wanted… just can’t sample to the 404 now, like I could when it was at the end of the chain.

If anyone one knows why I can 't sample to my 404 with the cues out please let me know :slight_smile:

If you want to pass the mixer audio from the CD inputs to the cue outputs, the easiest way is to cue the inputs directly by pressing cue+recC/D… There are other ways using thru, pickup, or flex/recorder to get the audio into a track and then you cue that…

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I might need some advice also! I might want more than possible? The simplest link I see is 1] line from Microfreak to K-Pro in to Live.
Focusrite line a/b out to Live
2] from Mac in to Octa. A/B. Live in to C/D
Octa out to Focusrite?

What I want (and I actually have to wait till I can get proper cables) is the ability to feed my Ocho with the Mac, the Live, and the Freak. I want to do the same with ny Live.

Then I want to somehow feed (now I need a mixer? ) all things to Scarlett, after choosing a master voice route?