NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


I hope for their HR / PR employees sakes it’s not a new product without an OB2 release in tandem.


If stereo monitoring for the Digitakt doesn’t become a thing, I could use an Elektron 3 to 6 stereo inputs line mixer that would be better made than the Roland MX-1 and with a Digibox footprint.


MonoMachine Mini & MachineDrum Mini


Korg Volca Drum

Monomachini and Machinidrum


Minimachini would be such a dope name!


oh boy could u imagine :slight_smile:


It could be two jams from the same NDA device. It’s later in the month, i.e. after a NAMM unveiling, so the embargo drops off. I guess I should start following his instagram. Well played @cuckoomusic!


Overbridge for sure


I think they didnt sell enough Keys mk1 to continue it to mk2


feel free to think me silly, but:

octatrack -> a4 -> rytm
digitakt -> digitone -> ___

a dedicated digital drum synth seems most straightforward to me. :man_shrugging:

Coming soon

wouldn’t be surprised. Something that takes the MD synthesis methods and evolves them much like they did with the FM implementation on digitone vs monomachine would be awesome.

they should do this with proper after touch/velocity/pressure sensitive step keys that blend the sequencer step keys with the rytm pads. Having the machine be able to midi sequence with these “squishy” step keys would be pretty awesome i think.


as unlikely as it probably is, i would love to see elektron put out a new digital drum synth, possibly in the same form factor as the dikitakt/tone. the MD was something special and it would be great to have that sort of dedicated DSP drum synthesis in a modern hardware unit.

also very much looking forward to seeing more of the waldorf kyra. it sounded great during the prototype demo and i’m excited to see what waldorf has done with it :3


I can’t see why this idea of a drum synth or other new synth in the DT format is so unlikely. It seems pretty clear that they’ve done great business with the DT and DN and if that product line is working for them commercially then why not expand on it? Good business sense, no?!


I’m personally not a fan of the new paradigm:
No kits, limited sequencer feature set (ie. slide/ accent/ mute/ no direct jump, etc.), no FX track, etc.

If you’re going to insist that the absence of an FX track is easily ameliorated via MIDI-loop, I’m going to insist you give us internal routing options, so we don’t have to waste a port. :expressionless:

What I want most is a bigger analog series style digital synth.


agreed. the DT and DN are at the price point of “I can just make this work, and could never afford their more expensive products” for some people, and “eh, I love their other machines already… might as well give this a shot too!” for others. either way, win-win for Elektron.


It certainly looks like it. It would be cool if it also meant a cheeky wee firmware update for the Digi series. Like a few more filter types or an extra LFO per audio track for the DT.


Would love to see a mkii A4 keys with 6-8 tracks and polyphony


Does this Naut know something? :thinking:


I didn’t know @spacetravelmadeeasy had a second account :smiley:



my brain is bubbling.

  • perhaps updates to the pickup machines?
  • small digibox mixer with crossfader/updated OT FX block/scene system (zzzz everyone has predicted this)


we get an octakeys with more inputs/ob in the analog keys format :thinking: