NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


I have my fingers crossed for Overbridge release. I seriously need to be able to mix properly with the sounds from my DT & DN.


Apple is never on Namm but Logic Pro X 10.5 release?


I reckon the Public Beta should be released fairly soon!


There’s been no Cenk hint dropping comment this year.


I would love a linux version of Abelton Live! That would be something thrilling.


… and that’s how you switch to bitwig.


Good idea, that open controller script API sounds cool too. Which audio interface would you recommend for linux? There isnt a driver fro A&H Qu Pac i belive.


Elektron Video Synth sounds nice :slightly_smiling_face:


… and that’s how you stick with win/mac :sob:

My laptop is on ubuntu though, I’ll see if my ESI works with itand report.


I had a dream again about a cheap Space Delay the size of a Volca with old needle VU meter! Comes with 5 different loop tapes on oldskool cassettes :smile: has multiple different speed rates! All the bells and whistles we could imagine at an affordable prices and it works on batteries!


Haha, wow that does look hideous indeed! The child of a push and Mpc live sure looks like a bad idea! :slight_smile:


New Strymon something? arrives January 10th.


More eurorack?!


No chance of that. There are enough modules now and people usually buy maybe one or two and they’re done for good :slight_smile:


People in euro go nuts for big brands like Strymon
A lot of cash to be made


Anyone notice the Elektron email?

NAMM 2019

January 24-27, Anaheim Convention Center

We’re delighted to announce that we will be attending NAMM 2019 in Anaheim, California later this month.

We will have a number of stalls open at booth 10102, and can’t wait to meet those of you who can make it to the Anaheim Convention Center where there will be some really exciting news to celebrate.




If its not Overbridge and they release something new , frankly that would be a bit nuts. We can only hope its finally here.
Oh also , I hope Make noise release a stereo echopon and update pressure points to be a bit more complex like tetra pad + with a select bus


Analog keys mk2…obviously and overbridge for digitakt probably…and other stuff with lots of functions


With the word ‘celebrate’ in that sentence, it does make me think that’s most likely what it’ll be.

After all the crap they’ve gotten, they could do with something to celebrate