NAMM 2019 predictions / releases

Lately, I’ve been feeling the itch to purchase an OP-1.
The main thing holding me back is that it’s almost time for NAMM… All this new gear is about to come out so I think the smart thing to do is wait… Anyway I’d like to hear what the elektronauts predict. What gear do you think the manufacturers will be showing off in 2019…

From Elektron the next thing I see is AK mk2

And then I think an updated Maschine Studio, new Volca, OP-Z modules and maybe a Sp-404/303/555 Roland Boutique. And for sure some more Behringer clones.


I predict Akai MPD332.

MPD pads and a 64 step sequencer

  • Accsess reveals the Virus III.
  • Nativ Instruments presents a Hardware Synthesizer.
  • Roland presents a beautiful analog poly synth.
  • Yamaha FM-D-X. FM-X engine in a keyboard and a desktop unit.
  • Nord Modular 3

Just kidding :wink:

  • Behringer 303.
  • A new Volca.
  • Elektron-Overbridge and AK mk2.
  • Roland socks in Aira green and maybe a System 1/8 Special edition without green edges.
  • Mutable Instruments - Clouds 2.
  • more Behringer clones
  • DSI Prophet X desktop Unit
  • Waldorf Kyra :blush:

It’s more about new gear that is announced. There are still some things from NAMM 2018 that haven’t shipped yet (Empress Zoia being the one I’m still most interested in).

I seem to remember something that was in the OP-1 vein (digital, cute little screen, multi-track, some interesting synthesis methods) that was shown off at NAMM 2018 but I don’t think it’s shipped yet either.

So I’m hoping to hear more firm announcements from either of those people.

I think the OP-Z was shown at NAMM nearly two years before they started shipping. So I’m predicting that anything genuinely cool and interesting is still going to be a long ways off from delivery.

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Elektron mixer / recorder would do.


I collected almost every new product announcement in the first post of this thread:NAMM 2018 - News, Announcements hopes and rumours

The thing is called ELZ-1 from the company “sonic ware”.


Sequential will have an analog drum machine with sample slot import. I think it will also have a 12 bit AD/ DA engine similar to the oto machines BIM. Studio 440 mkiii I hope


That sounds amazing. Hopefully Roger Linn is involved.

I wouldn’t be surprised if TE announced that the OP-1 was discontinued in favour of the (much cheaper to produce) OP-Z. It’s been a long time since there was any new stock going to retailers.

Wireless midi controllers. With everything going wireless these days, I’m surprised that we don’t see more.

Is it time for a Keystep Pro yet? I’m envisioning a keystep with loads of assignable knobs and maybe pads.

From Elektron: Overbridge, Digitakt and Digitone software updates with a few new features, maybe a tease of a mixer or looper in the Digitakt format.

An update to the Boss RC loopers would be sweet.

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He said in a recent interview that he was working on something but it was a long way off from showing off. Maybe Lin2?? That would be cool.


Elektron will unveil Ryan(from elektronauts) Editions of everything in my studio(DT, OTmk1, A4mk1, and MD)

There will be little llama sketches on the side of each unit.

Each unit will be shipped with a series of projects of half finished patterns and scrapped together patches/presets.

It’s the only new thing that would make me want to change my current setup


On some post on here somewhere, some months back, some user said that Elektron had something very special planned in regards to an Octatrack.

So there’s that.


So it’s safe to assume that we’ll see a ton of new stuff.

I’ll try to get a little far out – what’s the use in predicting what we already know? I will mostly be wrong. [We need to keep in mind what is prediction and what is wish.]

  • Elektron digital effects box, the Digital Heat.

  • Elektron Digital Synth with analog filters in DT DN box.

  • Pioneer – New synth, done with the help of another establishment company. This also might be surprisingly good and affordable.

  • Moog – Fruit of the Sub-Harmonicon, though you might not exactly recognize it.

  • Roland – redo of the MX-1, that actually is more practical as a controllable performance mixer.

  • NI Komplete Kontrol ‘X’ Series controller. NI can’t be done yet overwhelming the controller market.

  • IK Multimedia – another synth, maybe two, like the Uno Synth. They will be making a Volca like series.

  • Casio – Low cost digital synth keyboard, that actually might be at least a little interesting.

  • Arturia Matrix Mini – lots of controller type features, and a synth or drum sounds and effects, a CV interface, a patch-bay area, and a smaller matrix. $1200 price range.

  • Novation Peak Mini – I think this is a lock.

  • Waldorf STVC – redone with improvements, but same price points.

  • Empress Zoia – redone, larger and very powerful.

  • Polyend Seq controller V2 using bendable keys like Medusa. Maybe a built in CV interface. Likely smaller than the Seq V1.

  • Ableton hardware – but not the Push 3. Maybe a hit.

  • Presonus interface hardware larger than the Atom.

  • Yamaha MODX Desktop – This is a wish only, sadly it won’t happen.

  • Sequential Prophet X Desktop – Maybe, maybe not.

  • Behringer Arp 2600 – This is more in the category of wish – my wish.


  • Several companies will do variations on hive or very high voice count digital synths.
  • Midi controller makers will follow on with competition to the Novation SL MKIII, and be adding more diverse functionality to their controllers.
  • More multifunction mixers, like the Tascam Model 24, and the Zoom L-20. Combination mixer, audio interface, and stand-alone recorder. Will there be midi control?
  • More semi-modular synths with patch-bay to the side, like the Moog DFAM, Behringer Neutron and Arturia MiniBrute.
  • More ‘kids’ showing up with amazing synths and devices they did in their parent’s garage.

In the Wings

The following items are already in the cards, but may still be waiting in the wings by January. Perhaps some early protos:

  • Linn Drum 2
  • Waldorf Kyra

Keen for more on the Waldorf Kyra
Last I heard was that when Waldorf jumped onboard the price skyrocketed :expressionless:

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Where did you see that info? I was really interested in the original Valkyrie project but never caught wind of any price expectations anywhere.

Can’t remember now
Think it was mentioned about $2500 which was more than the developer originally announced.
If it’s like a turbo charged TI it could be worth it


A pro spec Roland mx1 would be interesting.
Does anyone do a multi track recorder with din midi sync?

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It’s to early for them to have set a price, certainly nothing public, we don’t even know in detail what it is yet. They would have thought through targets and market analysis sorts of things, so there is a target range. BUT this is a thread for prediction, so there’s yours.

I think as far as complexity of electronics given my understanding of things, it’s more like a Blofeld x 2 than it is a Quantum. FPGAs are generally very economic in implementation.

I am with you though, this definitely is something to watch.