NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


Octa-fans would not be pleased with an updated release so shortly after the mk2 release.

If this tip is legit, it’s probably an OS update


yea the backlash would be pretty bad from mk2 owners. the hype would also be unreal. elektron’s updated version of the emu emulator would make me pee my pants


Supriiiiise it‘s overbridge for OT :joy:


I expect a better sounding and more logical ot, maybe 16trck
More like ableton clip mode in a box
Midi out, stereo sampling, joystick in stead of xfader
Mk2 form and color
Usb in from a4&ar mk2
1800€ :confused:


Exactly what i was thinking Ryan! The OT MkII is too recent so they’re unlikely to drop it so soon.

BUT if this ‘something new’ was far enough away from the MKII so that they continued to sell that, then this new Octatrack item would work. For instance a Keyboard Octatrack. Or a Octatrack mini – but then Digitakt user might be upset.

I don’t have any info on future Elektron stuff, but this is a speculative prediction thread.


It would crack me up if OB arrived fully working on the OT but there was a further delay on OB for all other devices!


A very strange universe that would be. “We’ve dropped all development of Overbridge, except we now have it on the Octatrack!”


Not gonna happen, OB2 will be out for all capable devices

Taking bets


I know that absolutely, that’s why i put this all in a “very strange universe”.

But how about a eight channel audio interface that hooks to OB?


I’ve only had my OT2 since last September, but I wouldn’t be bummed if they did another version of the OT. Companies gotta keep moving forward and improve stuff. I don’t see it happening so soon, but I wouldn’t know. I’ve certainly dreamt of a ‘super OT’ with more/better effects, higher track count, updated/increased storage and maybe some synth machines and I wouldn’t want it in the digi form factor. Lots of folks seem to feel the mk2 form factor is ‘way too big,’ and that’s cool. I personally love having things not so crammed together. The DT is the perfect size for what it does, but I like the mk2 machines more.
I don’t envy a company who has to get such wildly varied requests coloring their design decisions!


I’m not sure I understand the concept.
With OB you dont need and interface


Me neither, and since OB is a plugin, it doesn’t require an aggregate or input selection


An eight channel Overbridge audio interface to a PC – $350?


A OT MKiii with formfactor of the analog mkii’s and individual outputs for each track :slight_smile:


That was my thought when I first got my DT a year ago. Some sort of hardware hub. The way things have gone, I fear no matter what they do, there will be a small yet vocal group of folks dissing it. Shame


But it’s proven really difficult to implement. An Overhub kinda thing was something I thought of quite awhile back, but that doesn’t mean I think I have a clue what I’m talking about :slight_smile:


My guess on the mythical drop:

Conditional Trigs on the Rec track so you don’t have to do midi loop-around.


The beta seems to be working great.
Again, I don’t understand a OB interface.
If you have an interface you dont need OB, but with OB enabled boxes you dont need an interface?


As I understand from reading this forum, Octatrack was / is considered “feature complete” as they say. That is, no further OS updates are coming. If I had to guess, based on the wild and irresponsible rumor-mongering, I’d say an OS update to the Octatrack would be more likely to please people vs. a MK3. I also remember reading on here that the OT can’t ever get Overbridge due to hardware limitations (USB 1.x or something internal to the device).


This. It really doesn’t take much to get the wheels rolling. :smiley: