Moving Kits - Project Management

Love the new 808 kits.



So how does one maneuver between projects with kits. If the answer is sysex i’ll be cross.

You’re not going to like this answer, but yes it’s sysex for the kits.

In my humble opinion using C6 for kits isn’t all that problematic but that’s from my perspective. (You already have the samples on the +Drive so it’s “just” the kit you need to handle right?)

Would be great if it was possible to save/load kits to the +Drive just like we can with individual sounds.

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you can do it one by one like so:

  • go to the LOAD KIT menu (FN+KIT)

  • highlight the kit you wanna copy

  • press FN + COPY

  • load the other project

  • go to the LOAD KIT menu

  • highlight the slot where you wanna paste the kit

  • hit FN + PASTE

  • SAVE the project

  • load the 808 project

  • rinse repeat

might be easier with sysex, dunno :slight_smile:


because they rely on samples it doesn’t work out well.
IF i copy the kit into a project w/ 0 samples, the kit makes 0 sounds.
IF i copy the kit into a project w/ samples, then the kit triggers whichever sample is in the sample slot the sound calls for.
i’m not sure what they around this is. as i think about the design the sounds don’t appear to be connected to the samples in any way.
maybe if i save each sound as a SOUND … then i could access them, but i think it will still be the same deal as the others relying on samples.
and really this is the same architecture as the machinedrum. snapshot - samplebank just feels to be replaced w/ project to _.
any other ideas?

well yea you need the same samples in both projects, in the same slots.

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With sounds saved on the +Drive there is a link between the sound and the sample file. When loading a sound (with the sound browser) the sample gets loaded automatically into the first free sample slot.

I’m actually a bit surprised that the 808 soundpack doesn’t contain presets for the +Drive Sound library. (Correct me if I’m wrong here, but there seems to be samples and a project sysex and nothing more when looking at that installation video.)

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what does it do if there is no free sample slot?

the project sysex contains kits. but yes, that is all there is.

what does it do if there is no free sample slot?

the project sysex contains kits. but yes, that is all there is.[/quote]
I don’t know what happens if all 128 slots are full. Have’nt happened yet.

Guess I can save the kit sounds to the +Drive sound library myself if I buy the 808 soundpack.

Does anyone have any news about plans to improve this process? I find it necessary to move kits between projects. The RYTM is terrible in terms of this type of smooth flexibility.


I was wrong. It is problematic to move kits between projects.

At first I thought it was the samples that made it complicated and although that might be true there’s more to moving “a kit” then just the kit, sample references and the patterns used. You also got the chains, songs, global settings, scene and performance settings to take into consideration. (The two last ones might be included in a sysex kit dump actually but yeah, you get my point.)

In fact, it would have been faster/better if I made two copies of my “source” project and then removed kits,patterns and samples in each copy that didn’t belong. (Doh!)

My reason for moving kits to other projects today was because I had this silly idea that my DAW project and AR project should correlate in name. Things would like be “cleaner” and more tidy that way… Well who am I kidding?!

Going forward I’m just gonna have a lot of different stuff in each project and name my kits to correspond to my DAW projects if I need to.

i really hope that overbridge allows some sort of management here.

from the statement of features for overbridge:
Total Recall

Management of analog sounds and sequences has never been easier. Any adjustments made either directly on the Elektron hardware or via the software plug-in can be automatically recalled when loading a DAW project. Overbridge offers ultimate convenience when handling Elektron machine data.

So I can save all via Ableton.

thats precisely what i want. PRECISELY.

This would be great BUT… this also needs to work without a computer too. There are many people who don’t want / don’t have a computer / DAW to rely on.

Project / Kit & Sample management is simply awful on the RYTM. Did Electron think we wouldn’t want to share kits across projects? Madness.

What is the procedure to move (for example)
Sample 1 of 909 Project (909 sample pack installed exactly as given in instructions)
to the Sample 1 slot of another project?
How can I do this? Please give me a detailed step by step, I’m sure it’s easy but I can’t quite figure it out.

I totally agree with you. Its becoming a deal breaker with this machine. I can load a kit into a new project but thats with no samples . No kit library and no samples at all show up in a new project (not even factory) for me.

totally agree
it would be soo powerful to be able to just have access to any full kit from any project

I understand the model. Loading the sounds/samples into RAM ensures steady streaming playback, but the lack of portability between projects is a struggle. The tediousness of having to remember/note-down which sample is where is frustrating is a killer to creativity.

Maybe an OS update would enable saving a kit to the +Drive, and on load if it needs samples it loads them into the current RAM pool?

Currently, and without using Overbridge (I’m on Cubase) the best workflow to move kits between projects is this:

[li]Find the Kit you like[/li]
[li]Create new SOUNDS from each Track and save to +Drive[/li]
[li]Go to the Kit menu and COPY Kit[/li]
[li]Load your new project[/li]
[li]Paste the Kit to a slot of your choice[/li]
[li]Load the SOUNDS to the Pads - make sure to load the correct sound the the correct pad as it was in the other kit.[/li]

This will work.
Another possible issue is if the original kit had special settings in the trigger menu…you have to duplicate those manually.

hmm, isn’t the data on the trigger menu part of the pattern data (ie. pattern-specific)? That’s why it doesn’t get saved with the kit.

The hassle of cloning sample-based kits is why I am sticking with as little projects as necessary. But if total recall allows us to store a “snapshot” of the entire AR memory, switch to a diff. project and to dump that snapshot to the diff project, it will help quite a bit.

another workaround might be to make a “template” project and to save that to every empty project slot as a starting point, with all your fave goto samps & kits already stored. Personally, I am filling up the project spaces so slowly that I have no need for such a template ATM.

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