[Model Samples] Mute Mode

Maybe I‘m just not able to find it or it‘s simply not there:

Does the Model Samples not have the „Mute Mode“ like Digitone/Digitakt to simple Mute a Track with just one Button while in Mute Mode?

No. It does not.


…wtf…that‘s truly a bummer.

But thanks for the quick response:)

There are two ways to mute tracks though, func+t1 - t6 … or hit and hold a track pad for momentary muting of held track.

Yes I know but I’m really used to Mute Mode from my Digitone while Performing/Recording.

Maybe they’ll add this Function later but maybe I’m the only one who misses it:)

I feel ya, it’s certainly a desirable feature.

Hi! What you are talking about is kind of possible!! I made a little tutorial about the hidden mute mote in the Model:Samples, I hope it helps!!


Ha! Nice discovery! Thanks for taking the trouble to make a video.

@ALBER I wonder if it is a leftover from development, maybe they originally intended to somehow let you store initial Mute settings in patterns and they just didn’t have time to finish it. Just a guess.