Jamuary 2023

Leeeet’s guuuu!


What is Jamuary?

From @cuckoomusic on Instagram:

So is this a thread to post our dailies?

Yes, feel free to spam it with everything you’re doing as part of Jamuary.

Previous Jamuary threads

2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.


Still December around these parts :slight_smile:

Hoping to get around 10 mini jams done this Jamuary though!

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We are at Jan 01, but still on the road visiting family and friends.

Still really looking forward to all the jams everybody is going to post here and every where else :raised_hands:

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What is Jamuary?

Think it started as a social media hashtag but basically it’s a challenge to complete a ‘jam’ a day throughout January (or whatever is appropriate for the time you have available) and upload it somewhere (YouTube and IG etc)

I did it last year and am going to try again this year-it’s the first time I’d recorded clips and shared them publicly. Now - most aren’t very good, but it does force you to a) be creative, b) actually commit to recording something, c) start experimenting as you soon realise your jams all sound the same after 10 days of the same stuff!

I found it quite a useful creative experience which is why I’ll be repeating it this year and will post the (mostly poor!!) results here!


Thank you for the explanation!

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So is this thread to post our dailies?

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Hey all! I don’t see anyone showing up yet, so I’ll start. I recorded it tonight. I didn’t want to wait too long this year. The genre is Techno. I’d love to hear your feedback about this mix.


Jamuary is fun.
Last year I won this game and released something literally every day. It was tough and I did it even more challenging as decided to not repeat genres if possible and not use older ideas, compose something nee from scratch every day.
Not sure I’m ready to repeat that this year.


You know what. I think you changed my mind about participating in this. It just sounds like pressure.

And the one thing I promised myself was to not put anymore stress on myself. There are plenty of beat battles and sampling challenges in mission briefs.

Plus, I see a daily jam sapping the joy out of making music.


You def don’t want more pressure… but having said that you make you own rules. 1 a week, every day, every other day… kind of doesn’t matter. Having said that sounds like you have plenty of creative outlets anyway so you may well not need another.

I did it last year, but not as a massive commitment. Some days I went in and spent a lot of time, other days it was just a 2 min synth jam that took 10 mins from turning the gear on to finishing it he recording or a 1 min noodle on the guitar. For me it was just about stimulating creativity rather than the quality of the finish product.


Yeah. I’m rolling off back to back mission briefs. And I think that satisfies the push to create.

I really want to slow down my production too. I’m not putting enough thought into what I post for the sake of uploading. I think I want to start being more mindful towards production.


For me, JAMuary is a concept that gives me a lot of inspiration and fun. During the year, there are not many similar occasions that attract so many people. It’s not a contest where you get a trophy. Nobody forces anyone to act. How you approach it is up to you. In my case I don’t feel any pressure, I just want to participate. I don’t know how many times I will record and publish something, but I’ll be happy anyway.


There are no rules of the jamuary. Just produce something and share it under the tag.
I wanted a challenge and I did it. But this was my decision and my pace, no one forced me to do that apart myself.

Consider the jamuary as a context shift. For an one month of the year you slightly change your producing goals in a way you want.
I wanted to challenge my creativity and check if I can produce something every day in different genres. In the end of month I was happy with a result.


I really liked the @cuckoomusic weekly prompts last Jamuary. Gave you creative boundaries and showed lots of examples. Didn’t participate though and only watched/listened to contributions. Are there similar challenges around, maybe even on Elektronauts?


Yooo happy new year everyone! I’m going to try and do the whole Jamuary thing to kickstart myself back into regular music making.

This is the first, all OT and AR with some Boum for juice! :raised_hands:

Look forward to hearing all your jams!


happy new year yall


I agree. That was really fun to watch, even if I didn’t participate. He was sponsored last year to give out prices, and from his Instagram post this year, it seems like he’s willing to do it again if he can get some sponsors.


I’ll be trying to do Jamuary this year as much as I can - absolutely love listening to other people’s jams too.

Here’s a T-1 sequenced P12, Rev2 and AR Mk2 1 take jam, with the stereo master imported to bitwig for some tape emulation nonsense and MP3ization.


Aye, why not? here’s a moody piano piece to start the year - recorded shortly after midnight via Deluge

blessings to everyone’s 2023 :peace_symbol: