Jamuary 2019


Third jam:


Whoa! I didn’t know/forgot about that glitch effect!

That was a cool little morsel!


This effect it’s called Stutter in the Deluge. You can turn the knob too, to modify the duration of the repetitions. Very fun!!

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4th jam up! Thanks to all that have taken the time to listen so far. It’s been such a breeze and so much fun to dig deep and isolate my Digitakt. I usually use it as my drum machine in my larger setup so it feels like an accomplishment getting these sounds out of it alone.

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4 for 4 so far

all using the a4mkii (plus more) so far


Album Release :ghost:

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First 3 patterns for 2019 from the Rytm recorded before I went travelling, thrown together on my laptop with some video tonight.

100% Rytm, no added sugar, all natural samples.

P.s. I love the Rytm’s distortion and compressor, but it sounds like they killed my mixer towards the end. Crackles will have to stay until I get back, sorry.


Fifth jam done :slight_smile:


Liking it! Don’t mind the crackles… not one bit! Adds character and another flavour :wink:

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Interesting. The start of something perhaps… having said that I wouldn’t mind listening to small changes and slight variations for the time it takes for a good cup of tea to brew.

(Disclaimer: a good cup of tea will take about 3-4 minutes to brew once the hot water has been added)


hey guys, I just recorded a couple songs straight from the octatrack, this is an excerpt of the session.
I’ve got the Octa a month ago and I’m still trying to understand how to make it sound as I want but I’m quite satisfied by this session, hope you like :space_invader:


Ep.04 is about Eurorack Modular:


It’s a lot of work to publish a video everyday. We try to keep it simple to be able to make the challenge till the end of January.

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An ambient piece… https://soundcloud.com/pkrynx/stoicism

Ahaa, so that is why there is so many #Jamuary posts on instagram, which I enjoy btw :smile: Nice, people! What are the rules?:))

had a rainy day today, so it called for a slower pace with a bubbly mood :slight_smile: -


And can i join?

Hi all. Composer/performer up/over in Seattle. I was looking for some kind of extremely compact non-laptop, non-modular instrument to begin getting back into performing live again, and settled on buying an Octatrack a couple months ago. While I can do beats as well as the next guy, my main specialty is more in the contemporary classical/experimental side of music. The Octatrack was the one stand-alone box that I could picture using like this, with samples long enough – and infinitely modifiable enough – to subvert the beat-box mentality so prevalent right now. After the requisite (and of course ongoing) steep learning curve, I think I’ve gotten it to a happy place. As proof of concept, here’s a link toTest Run”, my first album made solely with the Octatrack. And by “solely” I mean that all tracks were recorded live in a single take, no edits, no extra effects or boxes, no keyboards, no post-processing other than some mastering EQ. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the breadth of musical terrain the album covers. The elements and parts for all these piece and more are currently sitting on my machine, meaning that I can now do any and all of these in a live concert setting, with nothing more than a single Octatrack on the stage! While each track’s elements mostly stay the same, each performance using them will be different and unique. It’s a pretty exciting and wonderful thing. Here’s to just the start of a beautiful thing.