Jamuary 2021 - Post your jams here

Nice. Your stuff has a early Karen Gwyer thing going on. I like.

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I am little late too, technically i am already in February…but if you live in a timezone left off GMT-0…it´s still a legit entry from your perspective. :tongue:

A jam about the last ambient…like winter is freezing down nature. Everything comes to a halt…but nature is just slumbering…ready to blossom soon again.


I don’t believe I’ve ever participated in “Jamuary”. However, this morning, I woke up, shambled down the stairs, turned on my gear, and here’s what came out.

Rev2, Hydra, RD-8, recorded into the Bluebox.

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Closing the month with a wonky cover, like last year. Octatrack as the brain for the Digitone, Machinedrum and Hydrasynth.

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Last one, some uplifting disco:


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And now I have a new artist to listen to :pray:t4:

Actually did one track a week for the jamuary, but honestly, it’s a huge work for me. I usually need monthes to create something ! ^^

Hope you’ll like it !

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One of your best jams and I really loved many of them. I mean, really loved them. Thank you! This one has a distinct ”closing track” feel to it and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Also, big up to everyone who made it 31/31 or somewhere close to that figure! You guys rock!

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Last one :slightly_smiling_face:
Jam per day was easy, recording, uploading, tagging videos is much more of a task :see_no_evil:
Ipad screen videos come in handy

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Thank you! i agree about the closing track feel, it’s sheer luck that that jam happened on the last day!

Check out Needs Continuum.

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I totally forgot to post this in Jamuary, so I hope you’ll forgive me, but I promise it was made last month. This was a live jam, doing some pattern swapping on the Matriarch, handling drums from the A4, and live tweaking everything in a single take.


Edit: Total noob move, but I don’t know how to embed the sound file.

Faffing around with Rytm DVCO as a poly @dizzy_pete on Instagram: “Playing with the dual vco machines on the rytm . . . . #elektron #rytm #analog #synthesizer”

Thanks man, that’s such a nice compliment!
Cheers! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My only jam recorded in January, a bit late upload because of work but here it is if someone fancys a listen. Made with the Octatrack MKII and only samples from Legowelt.

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Compiled all my unused/unfinished jamuary jams into 1 project and smashed them all together.


Love the chord progression… nice work :metal:t4:

Tried out my new aputure mc lights with some ambient loops, which shouldn’t flicker any longer and be a more pleasing visual experience. what doo you think?


Hi this is my jam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnKoSxWSQVI
Let me know what you think!!!

Acid techno jam using the Digitakt, Digitone, TB-03, AUM (recording)