Jamuary 2022

Happy New Year to one and all!

Another year, another Jamuary!

There are many questions to ask yourself and many a path to walk down when it comes to this music game. Jamuary is a time of year when we get to put forward our musical offerings as best we can in the least amount of time.
I’m sure everyone who has joined Jamuary in the past will have nothing but positive outcomes.

This whole Jamuary thing started with @cuckoomusic years ago, or at least it did for me, and it is set to continue.

The other day I saw a post on his Instagram that perked my interest. He said to get those machines ready and get your musical motors working because he will be announcing a competition.

I am hoping he will chime in here. The last part of his Insta post said to spread the word. So that is what I am doing.

Lastly, Jamuary has been really fruitful for me. It has always served as a memorable activity. Looking back over the years I can remember the different gear I was using and the sound I was trying to achieve.
It gives me a pleasant hit of nostalgia.

So, let this be the thread where you drop your jams!
And be sure to check out Cuckoo. He is an inspiration :blush:


Hello there! Thanks for spreading the word! I have indeed planned a competition with themes and prizes for this year’s Jamuary. With the help of a partner it’ll be unusually fine prizes, which I’m pretty sure you will all want to have a chance at. A joint announcement with my partner will follow within the first week of Jamuary. My main communication for Jamuary will be on my Instagram.

PS. You don’t need to take part in every day of Jamuary to take part in the competition. Details will follow :smiley:


Definitely up for Jamuary 2022! Last time I was in the middle of recording an album so I only managed maybe six or seven jams but I’ll be happy for 10-15 in 2022.

Still thinking about what I want to do for Jamuary as I’d prefer to have a theme of sort for my jams. Last time I was trying to keep it all Monomachine but limiting myself to just one piece felt a bit too strict back then. Maybe the theme will reveal itself to me in the next four hours or so, ha!

Looking forward to hearing what everybody comes up with!


hmmm… i did this last year but haven’t thought much about participating yet. could be fun, though. dedicating time every day can be tough.


Really looking forward to it! Was a lot of fun last year and did some cool jams. People liked it a lot and had questions about the technical stuff.
So yes, totally in for Jamuary 2022 :metal::sunglasses:


This is a sloppy little beat set on the Digitakt.


Cool! It was too short though. Then I should listen to some Nightmares on Wax now!

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Thanks! Yeah, I’m still working myself up to be able to do longer stuff. This is pushing it for me. I’m not much of a performer.


Lovely stuff

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Whats happening when you push the trig buttons while in step recording mode? I feel I can learn something. Great beats! Love it :pray:t3:

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Alright, here goes nothing :wink:


everyday is jamuary


Thanks! If you search this forum for a thread called “Digitakt Scenes Hack Using External Sequencer” you’ll find a video where the glitch that this relies on is explained. And if you scroll down a little more you’ll find a video that I put up that explains my set up. I apologize for not just linking the videos but I don’t want to put non jams in the jam thread. You know?


Totally! Thanks, I’ll have a look.

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Cool stuff, I can’t wait to hear this year’s harvest of daily music :sunglasses: I made this today, I’m excited to do more :smiley:


Jan 1st techno jam. Content not created today but the live improvisation with it is. Just AR & AH.


Happy New Year!
For less than 30min of work this ain’t too bad. :sweat_smile: (Time constraints today required it to be short)
Jamuary here we gooooo


I’m in, see how many days I can go.


A jam using the ARII CR78 sounds provided by @kin_deli as a starting point.
So ARII - Bass Guitar - OB6 - Odyssey - SubH
Happy & healthy 2022 everyone! :boom: