Introducing Digitakt

**Beat making powerhouse** We're excited to announce Digitakt, an eight track digital drum machine and sampler. The rich feature set, the powerful digital sound engine, the compact size and the all new back-lit buttons and super crisp OLED screen make it a portable and focused instrument for producers and live musicians. And eight dedicated MIDI tracks, all featuring legendary Elektron sequencer tricks, elevate Digitakt to a capable control hub. **Digitakt specifications** - 8 internal audio tracks - 8 dedicated MIDI tracks - 1 × Digital multi-mode filter per audio track - 1 × Assignable LFO per track - Delay and Reverb send FX - Sampling capability - 64 MB sample memory - 1 GB +Drive storage - 2 × ¼” input & 2 × ¼” balanced output - 1 × High Speed USB 2.0 port - MIDI IN, OUT and THRU ports - Overbridge support **Pricing & availability** Digitakt will be available for purchase this spring. Pricing TBA. Come see Digitakt at NAMM, Hall B, booth 5420. More info at [](

Using 2 mono tracks to create a stereo signal
Behringer Synth [Deepmind 12]
Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]
Max sample files on the +drive?
Something new
DT bug reports - OS 1.01

Are the buttons pressure sensitive?


It’s so cute. A modern MachineDrum will be a welcome addition.


Looks awesome, finally OLED display!


Nice work Elektron! Congratulations!


Keeping my OT though.
Edit: and the AR too


I ordered an OT yesterday to accompany my Tempest and to compare to the upcoming MPC Live. I wonder if the OT + Digitrakt would pretty much do what the Live would do.


Total bullshit that this can be used to sample audio for 650 euros when the Analog Rytm cost nearly double that and can’t


The display is too big!! :wink: 3 product releases in 3 months… bravo!


There’s nada on the digital drum synthesis engines. What are they modelling? Are they FM? Are there a ton of parameters for the sounds? How many are there?


Probably the machines from MD…


I see chromatic mode, therefore I am in.


but can do things that this one probably wont… anyway difficult to compare until tested.


I need to see the ins and outs…


What are the 8 audio tracks???


no performance modes or scene modes?


Is it going to replace Octatrack ?


I dont think so … more closed between MD and RYTM


the design and aesthetics remind me Cheetah boxes


i am happy i dont want to buy this one