Drambo (iOS)

Figured it deserved its own thread.

I tried adding a sample module and I can’t find a way to actually change the sample. Have you guys experienced this? It’s either a bug or I don’t know what I’m doing. I pick the sample folder (say HiHat) and I go into it but then clicking a new sample doesn’t do anything, and my only option is to select the whole folder or to cancel.

EDIT: Got it to work in the flexi sampler but not in the regular one?


This looks fantastic. Haven’t got an ipad but this is yet another music app that makes me seriously consider getting one.

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one of those apps that make me question all the expensive gear I own.
The other two are grooverider and mirack


The flexi-sampler can detect transients and play in slice mode :slight_smile: So that’s fun, playing around with that right now.

I don’t see an easy way to tell it to time stretch, though. For instance the Amen break is 165bpm and unless my project is at 165 bpm it won’t loop. But there’s gotta be a way.

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oh nice! iam recently using Beepstreets Impaktor with a standard piezo drumpad and it’s an excellent and really fast and unique drum percussion tool!

Iam playing hybrid drums this way and it comes with handy things like sensor sensibility which makes attenuated drums very possible :nerd_face:

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I figured it out. It’s the little thing that says sync in the flexi sampler and it can be 1 beat, 4 beats, whatever. But it doesn’t seem you can adjust the pitch without adjusting the time?


With the Sampler module, to add an individual sample you need to create a zone first (just drag in the key and velocity range you want. Then tap the zone and you will see a load sample option. So its a multi-sampler where as Flexi is for one sample with more playmodes.


I was just watching your video actually :slight_smile: Very informative

I figure the best way to sample the mains is to route every track to a mixer and then route that mixer to a sampler, correct? There’s no quick and dirty way to record the mains?


This is a super cool app. Can’t wait to see how it’s updated over time.

HEY. It’s Ben. :wink:

Thanks for all the videos!

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Hello! I just a quick moment of your time TO DRONE ON AND ON ABOUT DRAMBO FOR AT LEAST 25-30 minutes per each feature.

Thanks :slight_smile:


You could put the Flexi on Master track (or However you want them routed) and sample it there.


:joy: Nah not drone. Good info.

So after I’ve entered a chord (CHRD) into a step, can I change just one note of the chord and keep the rest? That is, without deleting the step and entering a new CHRD?

Yes. Go to the Steps view and select the step with the chord. All of the notes of the chord will be visible. If you hold the note name on one of the notes and press a new note (internal or external keyboard) the note will change.

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how do i get to steps view?

also, when I set a pattern to 8 beats (aka 32 steps) I can only see 4 beats. how do i get to see more?

This app is everything I’ve ever wanted on the iPad. Starting a Playlist to explore what it can offer as a Swiss Army knife of controlled madness: :exploding_head::facepunch:t3:


my first little tune with it. Nothing deep yet, but the workflow lets me put stuff together fast.


Do you see any way to mimic the sample locks on the octatrack ?

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