Anyma Phi

How are people liking their Anyma Phis?

When I read physical modeling I immediately think realistic, expressive brass and woodwind sounds, credible piano sounds, metalophones etc

Wondering, is the Anyma Phi capable of such sounds or is it more akin to AAS Chromaphone, where out-of-this-world sounds are more the focus of the engine?

The physical modelling in the anyma phi is mostly based on models of physical structures, typically resonating structures, and what you can build on with that, rather than attempting to exactly reproduce a physical instrument of some description.

The main exceptions to the ‘resonator’ paradigm that spring to my mind are a very nice tonewheel organ oscillator, and some woodwind type sounds.

I’ve had nice ‘piano’ tones from it but I wouldn’t claim that sound mimicked any particular kind of piano. (Also remember, max 3 notes ‘polyphony’ and even that will share a filter to its probably more accurately paraphony of some description.)


Thank you for that great answer! Somehow I missed the 3 note polyphony max, that’s a dealbreaker to me for the use case I had in mind, still very cool to have physical modeling in a hardware module of this format.

Sonic State and Jim Heywood did a sound only demo of the Anyma Phi at NAMM.


Just in case there’s anyone lurking here who hasn’t bought one yet, there is one up for sale here

I have no connection with the seller.

Just my imagination at play, but now after the MiniFreak, i started to think of the Anyma Omega.


Nice idea …

Meanwhile, we already added a few things to the Anyma Phi:
Anyma Phi v1.1.0


Thanks for the heads up! Just updated mine and checked out the new patches. Some of them are really good and expressive to play. Still a fan. :ok_hand:


Ooooh. :slight_smile:

(But let’s not have an endless speculation thread like elektron products, eh ?)

So as a part of the Anyma Omega Kickstarter Aodyo is offering a special edition Anyma Phi. Not sure off all the detail, but i think it’s just a redressed unit.

Here’s the best picture i’ve found so far :

( Will update when i find a better image. )

I like the dark colors, and i think the lines on the columns are straight. If i was in the market, i’d spring for this over the original. You can buy this through the Anyma Omega Kickstarter campaign. It is set to deliver in January of 2023.


Sound demo including the v1.1.0 update:


Realized I hadn’t really fiddled with the USB MIDI Host port as I try to stay in 5 pin land.

There’s a “USB Host > DIN” option, checked that and it had my TEC Breath And Bite Controller converted to 5 pin DIN MIDI and going through the Blokas Midihub without issue.

So yet another utility function this little guy can do and means the Anyma Omega will probably have the same functionality.



My white Phi is for sale at the moment, since I pre-ordered the Anyma Omega, since I assume that there is quite some overlap, or is my assumption wrong ? Love this company and actually they are based near my location. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’ll miss anything about the Phi, except for the convenient size. My reading is that the Omega is a super-mega-double-plus Phi.

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I was going to sell it but ended up keeping it as ends up being a tiny utility module, namely the USB MIDI thru to 5pin.

I’ll reevaluate when I get the Omega but you likely aren’t missing anything by switching though nothing is 100% final until the Omega ships.


Also making a similar consideration.

Plenty of overlap but that doesn’t matter to me. The modular architecture is very flexible, i will just dedicate the Phi to other things. For instance as a general purpose effects box, with all the modules and controls.

I’m also a MIDI wind player, and the Omega is way overkill for that, the Phi will fit that much better. ( Although i look forward to the breath control interface on the O. )

The overlap is also an advantage to me, as i know the system it just makes it more valuable to me.


Yeah it works well as a weird effects box because a lot of stuff like the resonators are in the effects chain and not in the oscillator section.

Multitimbral layering works well with wind instruments and there’s a lot of the AE30 patches that take advantage of that.

Also I don’t want to have to think at all about CPU budgeting which does happen on the Phi for single patches.

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