Anyma Omega Keyboard and Desktop from Aodyo

ADDED : Skip ahead to actual announcement.

We will soon launch a crowdfunding campaign!

Sorry if i already jumped the gun on speculation … ESP

Anyone else that cares to ESP on this ?


Sounds very FM to me. And if so, it’ll be hard for me to resist.

But if recent history is any guide it’ll be a stand alone sequencer :upside_down_face:

(edit: actually, that would explain the weird metronome being in the recording :thinking:)

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Yeah, i had that strange idea too, but dismissed the idea … perhaps i shouldn’t.

I’m guessing the item in question is in the background of the picture.

The Anyma Phi is in the foreground toward the left.

FM is always fun with a wind MIDI instrument like the Sylphyo. The Yamaha TX81Z was marketed with a wind MIDI way back when.

Actually my problem with speculation is that after a product is launched, it can then be hard to figure out where the deep discussion of speculative features ends (often weeks after launch) and deep discussion of actual real features starts. Threads that are speculation only I have no problem with :slight_smile:

EDIT: I even annotated the polyend play thread, so I could know where the real info starts.

This about that… — Off Topic.

I make pointers around the early ideas to the actual announcement, when i’ve started the thread. I started this thread for our ESPs, rather than it being in the Anyma Phi thread.

Which brings up an on topic question. Will this new thing be related to the Anyma Phi, or is it it’s own other beast ? Thoughts.

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I’ve no idea of course, but:

Judging from the documentation, in most respects the Phi has the most robust implementation of onboard microtuning/microtonality of any hardware synth out there. It would be a shame if there were never a polyphonic version.

And while we’re at it, maybe make it multitimbral as well.


A firmware upgrade to my phi to make it polyphonic AND multitimbral ? I’ll take that :slight_smile: Sounds more like a new product though (which I guess is what you meant).

EDIT: My bad …

our new instrument

… definitely not a firmware update then.

If they were going to do that, hopefully they’d also make it possible to properly edit sounds on the synth without a computer.

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I am confident of Aodyo doing a computer based editor for this new thing as good as the one for the Anyma Phi, which i find very good.

While they provided a way to edit on the AP stand-alone, it is not something i ever have or ever will use.

Yes. By “properly”, I mean with the kind of user experience one might actually want to have. Not a complaint about the existing software editor, or even about the constraints that Phi was made with, rather a wish for what a new, bigger, better version might have.


I’m guessing that the recent firmware update for the Phi (including wavetables, for instance) is not a coincidence … but not sure of what you can infer from that, here.

So not a wind instrument then :laughing:

Is that a speaker? If so probably not a stand alone sequencer then, either.

The whole thing is looking rather sleek and refined. Which, not to knock on the φ, but it’s very mechanical and not exactly easy on the eyes.

I’m getting more into this.

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Maybe someone finally made an etch-a-sketch that allows you to draw with modulation.

Maybe some dedicated surface for tapping…

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XY pad with some texture like the Haken Continuum?

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I hope they do a better job of designing the face on this one.

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There be buttons, or some blurred out somethings to the right there Captain.

X-Y tablet ??? Some sort of modulation input device ? Back lit or not ? If the thing is in the background of the first picture, it produces a bit of light.

Something like the Morphe’e on the PolyBrute ? Or the Touche’. All synth devices made in France are required to have something like this.

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So where is @natehorn ? He’d be able to read what is written next to the 1/4 inch input on the left of the second picture — ( maybe, it’s alright if you can’t. ) He is the resident Elektronaut’s image analyst. He’s better than all those fakes on CSI !


I’ve completed my analysis and with a 67% confidence rating I’ve determined that it is a Mic input.

Further analysis required.

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