Your Setups (Part 2)

One version of my mobile setup. KOII sequences MicroMonsta2. PO33 is synced to KOII. HX Stomp is for my electric guitar. Mini mixer brings it all together. I will alternate inputting guitar, PO33, and MM2 into KOII for sampling.


This is a work in progress… Finishing is all about the cables.

Cables, cables, adapters and cables.

This past week I received the CXM 1978, Preamp MK2 and the S88 MK3 so it meant changing things up, but this is going to work out well in the end.

Because ergonomics comes up… I’m in NYC, so apartment living comes at a compromise in so many ways.

My goal here is to have things connected, dedicated power source and nothing that would dominate a space.


Any time that you see a picture containing a large quantity of blurred books surrounded by distortion pedals, synthesizers and jet black guitars, one can safely assume that the unsavory literature is in fact the collected works of Dean Koontz.


Anyone game to start a show us your bookshelf thread?


Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia Butler, graphic novels, and self-help books for me.


This is actually Part 3 of this thread if you want to get technical



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How do you like the fjord kvasir pedal? Looks like it found it’s way onto your pedalboard. I have a berserk v1 and I like the build quality, but I had trouble making it sound good for certain applications, it really sings in front of a tube amp though.

It’s got a nasty fuzz sound. I found it brutal at first but it does add some nice harmonics to the sound, so for that and its uniqueness, I couldn’t let it go.

It was originally an impulse buy after learning the guitarist from Unknown Mortal Orchestra had some involvement.

The first time I realized I liked it was when I added it in a fx loop from the line out from OP-Z. I wasn’t expecting that at all!

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from my experience, it would seem fjord is not a pedal for those who like a low signal to noise ratio. berserk is relatively tame as far as fuzz pedals go but it can get very noisy in the wrong way if you aren’t careful.

Not the lowest noise floor, but better than my Keeley Monterrey pedal. Could be a bad one because Robert Keeley makes great pedals (or so I understand it that way). I did a test run on the board yesterday and didn’t hear anything introduced by Kvasir. The Donner power supply was my concern, but it seems solid so far.

That guy (fjord) makes some interesting sounds with his pedals… I really wanted to add the Beserk but at least at the time, I didn’t see many demos.
Kvasir is pretty out there, so I thought it’d be a good idea to wait a bit and I’m definitely in no rush now.

That’s fun looking at setups that are over 10yrs old. Apparently before colored LED lighting was a thing lol. And a lot of user names I don’t recognize…


And Machinedrums everywhere!

The start of that first thread is before the first AR MKI came out. It’s amazing to see what’s come out in a decade.


You’re a genius :sunglasses::pray:t2:

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I broke the SiX out a few days ago and added it back to the desk. Minus the patch bay this time! Forgot how good it sounds and how nice the routing is!


Mmm, I think I prefer keeping things tight. Didn’t enjoy seeing a whole synth I wasn’t aiming on using anytime soon sitting on the desk, taking up a lot of space.
And a 4 note poly works just as fine on an OT 17 note keybed. So I got rid of the midi keyboard.

I’m not playing flight of the bumble bee. Just gettin’ dirty in the synth.


Did the same with my Digitone, the folding keyboard made it just enough.

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Fired up the old Sony tc280. It almost works. Recording slashersynth.


Cables and bits, cables and bits and bits and bits.

Reference : old commercial.


Guitar through chroma console, lossy, iridium, and a newly acquired gen loss 2 (shoutout to @Azzarole, thanks again) into the op-1f. Lots of good fun on the couch.
I think this will be mostly what I’ll be making music with this year. And some KO2 for drums and (re)sampling stuff through the FX back into the op-1f, but it’ll be a few weeks before it’ll arrive.


Really excited to hear what you come up with, looks like a well thought out and fun setup :heart:!

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