Your setups [ 10k Archive]

maybe i missed it but i didn’t see a thread that has all of our setups. it’s time.

i like looking at these types of threads to give me ideas on how to switch up my stuff. which i end up doing 3-4 times a year.

old setup…on the floor:

then i got a 4’ desk with a shelf…

and then a massive studio desk off craigslist…

but oddly enough, i still prefer the floor. :confused:


Still working on my setup, I suspect I will be tweaking for a while yet, but mine is relatively simple. Not got any pictures, so will try lay it out as clearly as pos…:

  1. Laptop with Live/Maschine
  2. X-Station that acts as my interface and key’d input to soft and hard synths.
  3. OT
  4. DSI Tetra
  5. Yamaha A4000
  6. iPad with various synth apps (Nave being a favourite of the moment) audio routed into OT

The OT runs the show and drives the midi for the Tetra and iPad as well as Ableton/Maschine. I can play drums and keys on my Maschine/X-Station and can input into whatever I like.

Sticking to mono audio just now with 2 inputs into OT for drums and synths/other from laptop. 1 input taken up by the A4000 which is routing audio from the Tetra and the final input used by the iPad.

I like the A4000 as an effects unit, still finding my feet on how to work things well with the OT but certainly getting there. Ultimately I will probably re-route audio back into Live at some point but thats not for the now. Can look at that later!

Up untill 1.5 year ago I was back at working software only (coming from quite an extensive hardware setup).

Software bored the hell out of me though and in reality I started doing less and less with music. I decided this needed to change since this is my main hobby and currently my setup is back at:

  1. Elektron Octatrack
  2. Elektron Analog Four
  3. Elektron Monomachine MK2+
  4. Waldorf Pulse 2
  5. Novation Bass Station 2 (most recent purchase)
  6. Mac with a bunch of software and plugins (Ableton Live 9 Suite, NI Komplete etc).

The fun is back and I am spending more and more time with my setup again. Purely for hobby though.

What I’ve owned in the past (combination of GAS and usefullness at the time):

  • Yamaha Rm1x
  • Yamaha RS7000
  • Yamaha Fs1r
  • Elektron Machinedrum (2x, not at the same time)
  • Elektron Machinedrum UW
  • Clavia Nord Modular 1 expanded
  • Clavia Nord Modular G2 rack (3x, 2 at the same time)
  • Clavia Nord Modular keys expanded
  • Clavia Micromodular (2x)
  • Waldorf Pulse
  • Waldorf MicroWave XT
  • Waldorf Blofeld
  • Access Virus C
  • Access Virus TI
  • Use Audio Plugiator
  • Dave Smith Mono Evolver
  • Dave Smith Poly Evolver rack
  • Dave Smith Mono Evolver keys
  • Korg Electribe R MKII
  • Radikal Technologies Spectralis
  • Akai MPC1000
  • EMU E4XT Sampler
  • Roland SH-32
  • Roland R8 MKII
  • Sherman Filterbank 2 Rack
  • Mutronics Mutron Filter
  • TC Electronic M*One XL
  • TC Electronic D*Two
  • TC Electronic Triple*C
  • DBX 166XL
  • DBX 266XL
  • Lexicon MPX-1
  • Some behringer reverbs

This was over a period of 15 years by the way…I never had all of this at the same time.


This is us (systems of memory) performing at our Atlanta Synth Club meet the other night.

My set up is on the left (orange pelican and black case) and Christian is on the right (silver pelican). Also my arp and rack on the far right. Rack has virus ti2 and Sherman fb2 in it.

Some other shots:


My current setup. Very minimal, but it will expand in the near future. Incoming are at least an Octatrack, an analog mono, an Ambika, some FX, if I get really wild maybe even an API Lunchbox and a bunch of 500-series stuff for that.


Analog Four
Minitaur > Moogfooger Freq Box > Moogerfooger Ring Mod > Octa
Bass Station II > Octa

As soon as I get my Maschine Studio, it’ll look like this;

Maschine Studio as control hub with one MIDI out to MIDI-patchbay, which then goes into the MonoMachine, Analog 4 and the Octatrack.

Two direct MIDI outs from Maschine Studio to Machinedrum and Blofeld Keyboard respectively.

MIDI out from MPD32 either directly into Maschine Studio or via MIDI-patchbay to control volume of tracks in Maschine Studio and other effect parameters. Also using the pads for tracks on/off.

Blofeld Keyboard via MIDI-patchbay as master keyboard (if needed).

Everything goes into the Soundcraft-mixer, into the RME Babyface, and possibly back into Maschine Studio.

Ideally I’d like to route all audio inputs back into Maschine Studio for mixing, but not sure if it’s going to be possible or if I can afford the necessary gear for it.

Really stoked about this though, it’ll be sweet! :slight_smile:

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This is my improvised setup. I had the Pioneer DJM-800 already and so i’m using it temporarily for music production, works great and has a decent effect section too. The counterpoint is: I’m deejaying less. Thus i spend more time programming the MD and my Bass Bot. A MM is on the way and in the near future i’m gonna get an Allen & Heath ZED-22FX to be prepared for further instruments and a Bass Station II for additional bass and as a midi controller.


how do you like the bass bot? i am considering getting that or a pulse 2 next paycheck but i haven’t really seen any reviews of the pulse yet and all the demos of the bass bot on youtube are killer. pulse 2 seems to have dropped the price of the pulse 1 so i might just get one of those for cheap

btw right now i’m running OT, A4, Jomox airbase99

I really like it.
I didn’t have the chance to directly compare it to a real 303 or some other clone, but as far as i can tell it comes pretty close to the original. The programming is easy plus it has some useful extended functions.
Unfortunatly, the quality of the fabrication is kinda poor. The plastic housing looks and feels cheap and the knobs are slightly grinding on the front panel (no noise, though).

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Here’s my lovely portable setup. Today I also received a MFB-502 drum machine that hopefully will take care of the drums when playing improvised sets :slight_smile:

Next to the Octatrack is a DIY mixer where I can mute the machines and cue them to my headphones. It also has individual sends for the machines to the Pitchfactor + KP3.
And beneath the OT is a Behringer Ultrazone ZMX8210 preamp for the six inputs that can be routed to the OT’s inputs.


Greetings from the beautiful city of Detroit! (First post on the new forum)

I recently had a photographer/producer/friend over just after cleaning the studio. Perfect timing… It’s never this clean:


Greetings from Paris


I really like it.
I didn’t have the chance to directly compare it to a real 303 or some other clone, but as far as i can tell it comes pretty close to the original. The programming is easy plus it has some useful extended functions.
Unfortunatly, the quality of the fabrication is kinda poor. The plastic housing looks and feels cheap and the knobs are slightly grinding on the front panel (no noise, though).[/quote]
well, in a couple of days i’ll have my own tt-303!
how does it integrate with the elektrons? easy to sync the OT with the bass bot if you’re using the bass bots sequencer? i’m so ready to get some acid grooves going on!!!

Nice studio and welcome aboard… I recall conversing with you via Soundcloud…

My live rig with Machinedrum, Darktime, RNC, Mbase01, DP/4, MKS-30 all below the mixer… Mother to lift…

Full on studio…

Jeez what is wrong with this board? The pics show in the editor but not on the board… Not to mention viewing this site on your phone takes forever to load…

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Works fine. I don’t own an OT, on the MD you just have to switch Ctrl and Tempo out to on. First i had a little lagging problem but it was fixed with an update of the Bass Bot firmware.

My current setup…


Wuuuut cannot share photo’s any longer… Filesize is too big… If I can’t take photo with my ipad, and share it with peeps…what’s the point… But hey - my setup looks kool - trust me!

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Analog 4
Machinedrum UW
MS-20 mini
Bugbrand Travelweevil


Korg Wavestation

– plus a ton I don’t use –

Sherman Filterbank
WMD Acoustic Trauma

– Analog stuff, all of whom can make great sounds on their own or together –

Eventide Eclipse
Eventide Space

– high class digital FX –

Mbox 3 mini
Pro Tools

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Everything goes to the mixer but the Octatrack. From there I’ve got 2 stereo outs. Both outs go to the Octatrack. Switching between main out and sub out is just pressing one button on the channel I want to go to the other output. So its very easy to sample any other instrument while everything else is running. Main out on octatrack to saffire audio card, then the monitors The computer just records. The cat likes to help buy pressing random trigs :stuck_out_tongue: