Best Elektron devices combo to get started with for me?

Hi everyone, new user here / potential Elektron fanboy :stuck_out_tongue: . I need some specific advice from Elektron veterans, so I decided to ask here.

I am mainly a guitarist, and an Ableton user. I also have a Launchkey and a Push2. What I usually do is jam on guitar, play some synth keys, combine them with the help of the Push2 in Ableton and just tinker around with the sounds, etc. So, mainly Push2 is a hands-on manager of clips, arranger and such, I never really used its instrumental capabilities because I like the actual instruments more.

So that being said, I was looking at the Elektron stuff because it’s reasonably priced and attractive and interesting, and am a bit confused, I have a few questions (I hope they make sense):

  1. Where does the Elektron line sit actually - as a replacement for the DAW, or for jamming ideas which you then bring inside the DAW to finish songs?

  2. Let’s talk Digitakt for example - since I use mainly the guitar and synth keys, where would this workflow benefit from a Digitakt - is there something specific that the Digitakt can do, which you can’t achieve otherwise? I mean it’s also a sampler, but I can also sample in Push2 - but is Digitakt a more fun sampler, more complex, more capable, or something - what are its advantages? I sense its a super fun device but I am having trouble understanding where would it sit in my workflow.

  3. What other Elektron devices would you recommend for my use case? I can spend for , say 2 Elektron devices but I don’t want to buy just for the sake of buying gear. I need to understand the usefulness first.

  4. lastly, a curiosity question - what other external hardware do you use together with your Elektron gear? Just to feed more ideas.

Thank you very much for your patience for reading this.
Best regards ,

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anything you can do with a Digitakt you can probably do in ableton (edit - though it might take a bit of work/a MAX patch to do some of the sequncers’ fancier tricks) , but it would probably make you do something that you wouldn’t think to do in ableton…

It will also integrate into ableton pretty well.

It’s very good at being a drum machine and sequencing other hardware, and mashing reasonably small chunks of sampled sound into unexpected shapes and arrangements.
It’s not necssarily amazing at taking huge chunks of audio and using those like a DAW does really - I get the feeling that’s more an Octatrak thing.

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Welcome. A lot of pairs here : :content:
Best Elektron pairs

I’m a guitarist too. If you want to record loops without editing, no choice : Octatrack.
For me the most versatile and powerful combo is OT + Digitone. OT can record up to 8m28s and read VERY long files on the CF card (3h30mn).
DT is ok, but with a limited RAM (64), mono samples only, 32 sec max for recording.

I currently have OT, A4, DN, DT.


+1 for the Octatrack. It’s really versatile and can play loops and stems you record from ableton whilst adding effects and mangling the sounds. Then you can plug in your guitar and jam or record long loops.

I have an OT, A4 and RYTM connected to each other with my guitar running through the effects on the A4. You can find them pretty resonable for MK1 machines on ebay.


Welcome to the forum!

No Elektron gear can fully replace all the functions of a DAW. For some people, Elektron instruments might be adequate alternatives to the few functions of a DAW that they actually need, or a refreshing change from a DAW, or be interesting in their own right. For others, the Elektron gear might be a source of ideas that could be incorporated into work in a DAW.

So far, you haven’t given us a use case. All you said was “I was looking at the Elektron stuff because it’s reasonably priced and attractive and interesting”.

You might read around the forum a little to get a sense of that. The quickest way might be to browse through the following topic:


Thanks so much for all the answers so far! I will take a detailed look at what Octatrack can do, it seems to be very fitting.

Mostly the use case of sampling guitar :slight_smile: thanks so much for the “Your setups” thread, looks like a great place for getting ideas!

That’s awesome! Ideas of setups and pairing Elektron gear. Cheers!


For your use case I would recommend the forementioned OT and an A4. Just be prepared for a lot of time learning and exploring the OT.
The A4 adds tons of synth programming possibilities and depth, and can be used as a processor (also potenitally super deep) for your guitar sounds if you’re into experimental stuff.
Both (Mk1’s) are very reasonable on the used market.


Really depends on what you want to achieve with your elektron.

None of them will replace a daw on its own.
In comparison to push, I would say, something like the digitakt is more immediate, feels more like a independent instrument and has more direct sequencer tricks available. You can do most things on push and much more, but it‘s not as fast and fun imo. For some of the cool sequencer features you would need max for live sequencers which are not well integrated with push most of the time.

You have to ask yourself what you‘re missing.
If you‘re after synth sounds you would obviously go for digitone or analog four.
If you want a drummachine you would look into model samples, cycles, digitakt or rytm.
If you want to mangle samples, record loops, try to replace ableton in places, you would look into octatrack

If you have no answer to these questions but still want to try a elektron, I would always recommend a digitakt. It‘s a bit like a best of elektron features device to me


No Elektron gear is going to do anything in this regard that you can’t do with Ableton Live and Push 2, but some people to prefer to use other gear. It’s purely a matter of personal taste.


I bought DT, DN and OT at the same time. This was very confusing. Start with a Digi for sure. Best both. But learn one at a time. Also use a DAW for sample preproduction (sample chains etc.).

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just finished getting an idea of Octatrack and will checkout A4 right now, thanks so much!

HOLY SHIT this is pure gold, I absolutely LOVE this forum!!!

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I’m also a guitarist (primarily) and I have a Digitone and Digitakt.
I honestly can’t see how they would work in your workflow really: I wouldn’t ever use them for recording and writing guitar-based songs.

The only way I think they might help, would be to quickly program some drums/synths on the Digitakt/Digitone and jam along to them. But then that’s fairly simple to do in Ableton too?

The main benefit of them though, would be that when you come to play live, it’s very easy to take the Elektron boxes with you and use them on stage, without the worry of a laptop failing or going wrong etc. That was my initial purpose for them, and they would fulfill it very well.


Honestly I’ve never used more than one elektron device at a time, but I would think in your use case (you know, not knowing you or the music you make ;)), that maybe an Octatrack + Analog Heat would be a cool combo.


The sampling side of the Octatrack is pretty much Ableton Live’s sampling and recording in a box with a few drawbacks (timestretch sounds really bad in comparison, small RAM,…)
The Digitakt is more of a phrase sampler. It’s good for sampling some one-shots but more of a pain in the ass when you want to have loops that fit perfectly.

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eye opening perspective - thank you!

OT+virus snow or ti

I’m going to go against the advice above. Octatrack is not so good for working with a DAW (assuming you want to still at least incorporate a DAW for mixing, effects, etc) and it has an infamous learning curve! But Digitakt is great at syncing up with a DAW and recording all 8 tracks separately, plus it has a good midi sequencer for sequencing other gear later down the line. Plus, with threshold recording (ie, recording that won’t start recording until you start playing above a certain volume), you can easily record guitar loops, assign it to a pad and play it back. Say you started a phrase on step 5, then you should assign your guitar sample to a track and trigger it to play from step 5, no need to trim the end of the sample as the trig on step 5 will shut off the end of the previous loop each time. DT is one of the simplest Elektron boxes but has that fabulous sequencer, lots of features for twisting your samples and is very capable as a sketch pad for adding ideas into a DAW environment. Try it out, if you want more after that, then look at options to compliment the DT. One box at a time is always best imo.


Thanks so much, indeed this is the advice that I have consistently seen, that Digitakt is the best entry point in the Elektron line and yes, I do plan to keep using the DAW, so I think I will take your advice and definitely get the Digitakt.
I have such a GAS though because of awesome suggestions in this thread, for example I seriously like Analog Four suggested above. But you are absolutely right, one box at a time would be best!


You’re such an Influencer. Ever think about a YT Channel? :grinning:


Ha, I currently own an M:S and a laptop. So it would be pretty boring (and I hate my own voice!)