NGD: Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa

Just got a Medusa off of Guitar Center’s used website for $800, which is a steal IMO. I’m already in love with this thing, can’t wait to get it sync’d up with my other gear.

The Digitakt and the Analog Heat MKII are going to go on the top row, making room so my Analog Rytm MKII can sit perfectly to the right of the Medusa.

Under the Vortex is a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 that powers the Line6, the TC Vortex, the two Meris pedals and a Kenton Thru-12 midi splitter. I’m waiting for my Disaster Area midi box to arrive to sync the Ottobit Jr and the Polymoon. It’s all routed through the Radial Key-Largo keyboard mixer, which would be the absolute ultimate thing if they had effect inserts instead of sends.

All of that fits into a pedalboard from NYC Pedalboards. It all fits in one box, which is sweet.

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