Your setups [ 10k Archive]

Nice studio and welcome aboard… I recall conversing with you via Soundcloud…

My live rig with Machinedrum, Darktime, RNC, Mbase01, DP/4, MKS-30 all below the mixer… Mother to lift…

Full on studio…

Jeez what is wrong with this board? The pics show in the editor but not on the board… Not to mention viewing this site on your phone takes forever to load…[/quote]
Cosmosuave!!! Yeah man!! Good to see a familiar name… I hope you’ve been well… I still went to your site and checked out your setup… Very nice my friend… Crazy thing is when I reply to your post, I can see your pics in the reply window…
Shoot me a PM when you have time. We’re makin some big moves in Detroit right now. If there’s anyway we can work together, I am game…
I don’t know anyone else in the Detroit scene with Elektron gear, and hardly any live PA artists (Which kinda blew my mind when I moved back to D-Town)…

Is it possible to merge this thread with “pictures of gear” and I saw also another one but forgot the name.

Oh you guys seem to keep such clean and orderly studios… this is mine. :smiley: Some of the gear has been sold, some has been added…


Holy shit, man, looks like a fun place to spend a weekend or two! :smiley:


It’s been a year of downsizing, the modular has dropped from 15RU to 6RU and the A4 & OT added. A few other big bits sold off too. No regrets, amazing machines!
Set up is easy to take to gigs, no back breaking racks of modular to lift, two suitcases and it’s happy days!

OT set up as mixer - trk7 is A&B inputs from A4, modular is going in to A4 inputs (the reverb in the A4 is superb!). Modular also sequenced and Cv’ed from A4. Trk8 on OT is for vocals.
Evolution X-session is for the OT track levels and various other parameters. The keypad is set up for mutes for the OT tracks.

Thanks to everyone on here and the old forum for pages and pages of hints, tips and advice!


Mine in stand up mode.


Holy shit, man, looks like a fun place to spend a weekend or two! :D[/quote]
Damn right! But, being a dad takes up quite a bit of time…


I need a desk like that. I do have one that’s adjustable but, it won’t go high enough to stand comfortably (was thinking about putting it on bed risers).
My setup is (in my mind) a pretty simple one.
PC Win 7 + quite a few VSTs and Effects
2 - 27’ monitors (1 is capable of 2560x1440), 1 - 22’ monitor - I’d like to be able to have all three 27’ 2560X1440 sometime
Ableton Live 9 Suite w/ Push
Novation 49SL MK II
Maschine MK II
Turntable and Mixer
Gibson Buckethead Sig - Ampeg VH140C and a crappy 4 X 12 Cab, TC Flashback Delay X4, Zvex Sonar
Acoustic Electric
4 String Bass - Into a Line 6 Bass POD Rack

i sold a lot of controller stuff and gear i don’t really need, and bought some fresh hardware. Right now its: OT, LXR, Bass Station II and samples of my record collection recorded with a xone mixer.

The only thing i kept besides that is my good old MBase 11. It has an enormous BOOM and we have history.

Still looking for a xoxbox, bassline or bombass to finish this setup.

I love stand up desks.

what good’s all that lot without speakers ? eh ? :wink:


here is the set up. I used to have old analog and larger synths but decided to start playing live so i traded those for a smaller sized units. The plan was to make the studio set up about the same for playing live, mostly techno. their was a little bit of trade off with great sounds but i am finding this set up super flexible and it bangs !

With smaller units I can bring fly with carry on 4 of these boxes , 2 sound cards and pedals. I’ve done it now 6 times including international, getting through security can take a bit more time. but 65 % of the time they don’t even blink.

here my sound cloud with a lot of this gear in use


what good’s all that lot without speakers ? eh ? :wink: [/quote]
Speakers are to the left, outside of the picture, where the computer used for recording/mastering is located. :slight_smile:

Fun thread – always interesting to have a nose around other people’s setups.
Anyway, here’s my studio . . . definitely not as awesome as some of the other ones posted here, but it does the job.


In no particular order:

Tascam 488 mkII
Akai Ewi 4000S
Elektron Octatrack
Teenage Engineering OP-1
MFB 522
RME Babyface Snow Edition
OG Gameboy w/ LSDJ

Small, but I have modest needs. I’ll be adding a Pathblocks set and maybe a Korg Littlebits.

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I’ve changed my set up so many times now, but this is the enarly finished thing…

At the mo its Axiom 49, OT, MnM, Tetra, Shruthi plus cathedral and the vox delaylab isn’t plugged in.

I’m thinking of adding a bass station 2 to replace the axiom but not sure now Elektron are bringing something new out. Might grab either an R8/R16 or H4n for recording duties.

It’s pretty basic compared to most peoples set ups but I like it. I have an ITB set up to , maschine apc40 etc but I never use it anymore. Almost tempted to sell all my software licenses.


Nice and focused, Nedavine! :slight_smile:

My “studio” will stay like this until at least February/March, would be very happy with it at the moment, if only the damn Maschine Studio’s MIDI would work as it should. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like your set up. Rooms looks nice an inviting too. I wouldn’t mind spending hours in there. I kinda hate my room.

It’s basically “my” part of the living room (the other part being my girlfriend’s painting studio), so the acoustics in there aren’t exactly perfect for mixing. But it is indeed a very nice room to make music in (on headphones, haha). :wink:

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Nord Modular G2
Ensoniq DP/4

I have a few other odds and ends (cheap compressor, budget Lexicon FX) but these 5 are what I use all the time. Need to add a mixer, hopefully I can find a cheap Allen & Heath sometime this winter.