Track Challenge: Sounds of Mars

It’s been a hot, rough day for this Venusian. Work here is a toxic environment. All I want to do is pour a drink, put my flippers up, and space out to some smooth Martian grooves. A Gin and Sonic.

Track challenge:

You may have seen my last post, NASA’s rover, Perseverance, has landed on Mars. NASA have recorded some incredible audio of the landing and made the samples available for download.

All you need to do is create an after dark worthy tune featuring any mix of the available NASA samples using your favourite piece/s of elektron equipment. Post your results below! Can’t wait to hear some truly cosmic tunes.

Whatever you choose, at least one of the samples must be from Mars, and at least one featured sample must be unaltered.

Maybe you want to include this phenomenal blast wave high energy from Cassiopeia A?

Or the shockwave from crossing Jupiter’s bow?

The sky is the limit.

Remember, a day on Venus lasts more than 116 Earth days, so make your offering ambient, please - it has been a very long day.

They say Mars has no atmosphere, but I’m sure you can prove them wrong.

So, what do you say?
Got some nep Tunes for us?



Thank you @Microtribe and @emadb for suggesting the challenge


EDIT: @Microtribe has made a particulary interesting suggestion to take into account the way sounds travel on Mars


EDIT EDIT: Deadline

6 May, 2021 0:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

The reason for this date


These fearless Elektronauts have braved the Sounds of Mars Track Challenge!
Submissions to date:


Thank you for that! Sounds fun, count me in…

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Look forward to hearing what you come up with! :smiley:

Nice, might take me a while, but I’m keen to have a play at this. You probably wont notice though… what with the Venus/Earth time difference.

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That’s ok, I can listen to it tomorrow night :yum:

Wow, NASA has some serious samples :thup:


And love how freely they share both audio and images!

This sounds like fun. Gonna have a go!


Excellent! Can’t wait to relax to some Martian tunes :slight_smile:

Only internal effects i guess or is some sort of enhancement allowed because i want to record everything into HW (in this case the MPC Live, also for arrangement)

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Go for it! :slight_smile:

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ok, well I haven’t had a sample that looks like this before


Space themes are good themes. Is there a deadline?


decode it proper and you will find hidden messages from aliens :content:


Fun! I definitely need to participate in more projects like this or Disquiet juntos.

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Hmm … well, the last time the eight major planets of the Solar System appeared in the night sky together was AD 949. The next time it will happen is 6 May, 2492.

471 years is a bit too long to spend on a single tune, even for elektronauts, so how about 6 May, 2021 instead? That is 6 May, 2021 0:00 GMT (Greenwich mean time).



Please join us! There is plenty of time :slight_smile:

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I’m in.

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Just so we know when Venusians say “ambient”, is that like “Eno ambient”? Or can there be beats and such?

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