Torso T1 Algorithmic Sequencer

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I am looking forward to this one

Looks like a creative small machine. I wonder about the price tag…
I´d guess not more than 300 Euro, but small doesn’t necessarily mean small
money… , so maybe more… :wink:

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This looks like a blast to use. No display to bother with. You do both rhythms and harmony in a more natural, higher end method. Portable but complete. Looks like there is a real flow when designing a new sequence. I like it, and could see it for the spicy sorts of rhythms they do in the video.


hmm interesting … :eyes:

Looks nice, reminds me a bit of Pyramid with more emphasis on hands on modification of data, but less overall functions, if I didn’t have a Pyramid I’d be interested in this though for sure.

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Indeed. I’m definitely interested in giving it a try.

However, I found it quite hard to follow/parse what was going on with the various lights/colours/modes.

That’s to be expected, I know, I watched the video once and have never used the thing - but I frequently find I have difficulty with grid based things. Decoupling the buttons from a fixed function makes them flexible, yes - but for me also somewhat inscrutable.

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It certainly looks like there’s a LOT of shift-functions happening here, but at the same time it doesn’t look like it’s menu dive-y, and they’re making good use of the grid colors and brightness? Sorta reminds me a little of the monome varibright grid, I think?

I dunno, I feel like I’m either really going to get along with this, or struggle with it… But as someone who’s used or owned pretty much almost every algorithmic eurorack sequencer that’s existed, this looks like the fastest to get a workable, semi-random melodic sequence with. Locking randomness into a loop is something I’ve wished for for so long with a lot of these sequencers, and few have them.

I’m still excited though, if anything it’s an Ableton Live Link->MIDI converter… And the price you’re paying for some of those standalone boxes that only do that is almost the cost of the T1.


Do we know anything about connectivity? Din on minijack would be cool

MIDI In, MIDI Out, over TRS. Can’t remember if there’s another. Then USB and Link over wifi.


same thoughts…feels like a trimmed out Pyramid with maybe a few extra features/functions. will be curious to see pricing and some walkthroughs on full depth of what it’s capable of. like you, i’ve got a Pyramid already so don’t think it’s in my future but i do love staying in the loop (ha!) with the hardware sequencer market.

Wow, this looks really immediate and playable, I’m interested for sure. Simple panel layout and a happy accident machine. Random control over every parameter is pretty wild.
Coming to kickstarter soon apparently.


More info in a newsletter. It’s a little pricy at 511 USD.

I just want a sturdy and efficien launch kontrol mini…
And cheaper please.

Definitely getting in on this. It is a little expensive but I’ve been in the market for something like this for a long time. I don’t really see anything else like it outside of Eurorack in terms of immediacy


Considering that Ableton Link to MIDI boxes are $500… I’m not too bummed. This at least might replace my Launchpad Pro mk3 for more algorithmic sequencing, and as a small boutique shop, I’m expecting something like a 20% premium, so it’s well within the reasonable price range I expect.

And as @VibKo sorta points out, this type of sequencing is rarely available outside of eurorack… Something comparable would at least be double that in cost in modules. Considering it’s not taking up rackspace, I’m okay with it :slight_smile:


Yeah, I agree the cost is more palatable as it’s something pretty unique. This plus a nice desktop synth and a few pedals would make a pretty great setup…

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Since I asked a few questions, I got a few answers, here they are directly out from Jonas’mouth :

  • No probability per step and no microtiming per step.

> The T-1 is very different from Elektron machines which has a fantastic step by step UI. Our main thought was to introduce a faster and more fluent workflow. A creative tool that inspires and encourages you to let go and enjoy the show. A happy accident machine with superhuman streams of MIDI !

  • There’s a random sequence per track that affects the parameters. The amount of random variation can be applied to each parameter, ranges form 0-100%. The chance of random events can be gradually reduced into a locked loop. The random loop can be scaled to different lengths .

  • Theres no loading time when switching between banks or patterns.

  • There are 16 cycles of 16 steps (256) available per track. Each cycle can contain different euclidean cycles in different pitches, time divisions etc.

  • The T-1 has 16 grooves that with velocity and timing characteristics. Velocity and timing can also be affected by the random sequence together with the grooves.