The Virus TI2 desktop made me sell all my synths

This synth is resonating with me in such a profound manner. I just want it to make all the sounds. The only other synth I’ve decided to keep around is my Gotharman Anamono X because it does things no other synth can do with the 5 analog filters I have running in series on it.

I guess that’s all I wanted to say lol. Virus TI2; it might change your life like it did mine.


Jeez big call, don’t think any synth has ever changed my life.
It is still pretty good though after all these years

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How are you sequencing the TI2?

I’ve tried the Digitakt, and am currently using a Synthstrom Deluge. Just so many interesting, and good sounding (imo) things to play with. Very convenient package for so much power. Sounds like a record without any additional processing. Loving the crazy bass sounds, and smooth pads/strings. Just really love the sound so much more than the brighter Nord sound.


I’m getting rid of the Pioneer AS-1 even though I think it sounds amazing. Got rid of all the mono synths I’ve been trying out like the Roland SE-02 and MFB Dominion Club. Got rid of all the Roland Boutiques. Got rid of the Modors.

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I sometimes get lost in sound design because I’m so fascinated with it. I feel the Virus is perfect for people like me who like to explore synthesis, but somehow does so in a way that is making musical ideas come together more clearly. It just sounds so good and ready without any additional processing to me.


The TI completely changed the game when it was released back in 2005.
I have been using TI / TI2 it extensively since it’s release back then, and virus a/b/c before that.
It’s only the last few years vst’s have finally caught up.
I sold my TI2 a year or 2 ago when I bought Xfer Serum.
TI is still one of the best hardware synths available though


I know. I feel like I just wasted 13 years or something.


It’s the complex grain oscillator mode with all the different wavetables going through the dual filters with variable degrees of all types of saturation that has got me tripping out.


Haha better late than never


Interestingly, when I chose the Virus TI2, I was considering the Peak too. Still think about that one all the time. She’s the one that got away.

The only thing Peak really has over the TI is the analog filter and filter fm, and 3 op fm of the oscillators.
This is quite a selling point for me though and tips me in favour of Peak by a slim margin. Oh and the reverb on Peak is the best I have heard on a hardware synth.


You can see why everyone has been screaming for years now for a TI3 with analog filters, more fm options etc


Yeah, I think I agree. The TI2 has 2 filters, and all types of effects that can really polish off a sound for a mix. The big one that the Virus offers is multitimbrality. That’s super useful for a live rig. When pushed in certain ways, that Peak can make some really special sounds though from what I’ve heard.

The virus has incredible digital filters though, sound better than a lot of analog I have heard


If the TI3 happens, it better happen before I’m no longer able to exchange my TI2 for it

Don’t think it will happen, if it was going to it would have happened by now

Isn’t the sixteen part multi-timbrality of the Virus worth a mention over the Peak, though? The Virus is essentially a workstation synth without the sequencer.


Yep numerous things are more advanced of TI over Peak.
It’s why I said those few things are the main advantages of Peak over TI.
Multitimbrality is of no interest to me though as I write alongside a DAW only and record one part at a time anyway. Could be more important for others though.
At the end of the day, specs aside, the sound is the decider for me always.

I picked up a TI Polar and I’m pretty excited. Glad to see it still stirs things up in others. I don’t get it till this next Friday thanks to the holidays. But it’ll be fun to dive in that weekend and see what it can do. What is your favorite aspect about it so far?