The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


I really hope Elektron will come with an update.

They could do so much for this machine, for me this was the power of the Digitakt : Very versatile machine who could come with new features only upgrading the OS, as they did with the compressor for example.

But unfortunatly they didn’t upgrade the Digitakt that much, not even with simple features, but they release new machines as model sample with features the digitakt could easily have.



Please add:
1 : Bandpass + Notch to the filter.
2 : Possibility to change the sample rate of the bitcrusher manual and trough modulations.
3 Modulation to the delaytime.
4 Reversed loop mode : <>


You can modulate the delay time (as well as all the delay parameters) with the MIDI loopback trick! :slight_smile:

Also what do you mean by reverse loop mode? Like the playback going forward, then backward, then forward, etc?


It’s coming soon™

A viable alternative? After nearly 2 years I sort of expect song mode as seen on the MD/MM.


This also irks me. The Digitakt has given a lot to newer boxes but has gotten nothing back.

I kind of expect to get at least the audio input handling from the Digitone and tempo scale per track like on the M:S.

If not then my faith in Elektron trying to maximise the DSP on their boxes is gone. And it’s not burning that bright anymore. Which is sad. There was a time when you got an Elektron box on release day knowing they will expand and build on the firmware until the DSP can’t handle anything more.

But Elektron of today seems different. Even the the opinions of the nauts here are different; if you don’t like the feature set on the day you bought it you shouldn’t have bought it is what I gather from reading around here. It wasn’t always like that.

I got my Digitakt in May 2017 and nearly 2 years later many things are missing or not working properly or are just confirmed as not gonna be fixed at all… I hope I’m wrong but I don’t have much hope the Digitakt receiving any significant updates.


Old Akai samplers had this. It’s great for many purposes.


Scale/tempo division per track would be fantastic.

I would also love a wider pitch scale range of samples.

Stereo passthrough from moitoring the input, if at all possible. Or input routing through effects.

Before I bought it, I was worried that mono samples would be an issue, but it hasn’t really bothered me yet.

All in all, it’s an inspirational intrument. I’m very happy with it as is.


That is what has bothered me the most with the Overbridge trouble. Not Overbridge itself, as I never was very interested in it, but the impact it has had on updates to the device itself. I did expect more updates to DT than what it has got. Although nice with the compressor, the end of the signal chain is the one place I actually can update myself. Song/updated chain mode, 2nd filter from DN, live rec retrigs… that’s the stuff I (subjective) long for, but can’t do anything about myself.


I am really so, so deeply sorry about this. At the time we were working on a sort of song mode alternative, but it fell flat and we ran out of time for the release - this is what happened, nothing else to it than that.

I hate making empty promises, and I really do not want to accidentally trick anyone- this is why I tend to be a bit vague and always say that I cannot promise a lot of things.

I think there is still a possibility for this though, but it’s all a question of when and how - there is a lot of other things to be done, but I think and hope that we can have some time and resources for updates soon.

Again, don’t take this as an ‘official’ confirmation of anything, but just know that I hear this clearly and recognize the issues/desires. (And agree with a lot of it! Lots of little things I would like to see added myself… There is never a lack of ideas, just time.)

"Song mode" Digitakt

I know this has been discussed before and it’s not a “real” alternative, but with the MIDI loopback you can easily build a Song Mode that you can save within your project, you just need a MIDI cable and a free MIDI track.


Please get MIDI PW & MW to work as as it stands it’s a truly awful implementation, Yes I know it’s only a ‘Drum synth’ but you should be ‘tune’ the drum (sample!) by waggling the PitchWheel when it’s playing back/being recorded. There’s all the other midi info filtered out too, actually make midi a bit of a waste of time as it’s so crippled from a performance point of view.

I’m not even a ‘Musician’ but to me it makes the DT a bit pants.

I’d really like to hear this is going to be sortid.

Scale/Tempo per track

Song Mode.


Here’s hoping…



IMO the ability to share the kit for a pattern chain would be great as a compromise between what’s available now and a full song mode. An MVP could be:

  • Menu option to enable “share kit for chained patterns”
  • When you create a chain, if the mode is enabled it will share the kit of the first pattern with all the patterns.
  • If you load an individual pattern while in chain mode it will load the kit of the pattern as usual (AKA breaking the chain haha).


Aftermarket internal battery.


Digitakt already has trouble crossing customs…
Add LiPo in a DT = :confounded:
I prefer an external battery :wink:


That’s why it could be an aftermarket kit, so it’s optional for the user. It looks like there’s plenty of space inside the box…


Anything ‘internal’ is a no no as it’s ‘Hardware’ related, so forget it.

Software ONLY.

I’ve No idea (I’m not a softi) how far the current processor is pushed but figure the midi implementations, song mode and the scale per track amount to next to sod all, just kept out so;

1; They can be added later as an ‘Upgrade’

2; So it doesn’t ‘detract’ from other products.

Such a shame, but somewhat business related.

As a company you cant make any promises so it’s barely worth winging about.

You may get the features you want you may not.

Cant say I’m too bothered as I don’t make music, just mess about.

Soldering iron is my tool and mine costs more than a DT!

I know the current trend is DAWless hence products like the DT, but if you’re serious about making music you’d use a DAW simple as. Performance however is another matter and Elektron is clearly way ahead with such.



I’m all for an internal loopback toggle somewhere in the menus, yes :sunglasses:

But I’m not sure if thats easier to accomplish than letting us save the chains. My wish is MD/MM tracker-style song mode. It’s so nice and much more powerful than most think. And the beauty is that it “only” has to ported to newer machines. They already have the code done.


Yeah, I agree, loopback is just a workaround and proper feature would be way better! I’m not familiar with MD and MM tho, I just know that they look cool


I’ve used trackers a long time ago and it’s a lot of fun filled nostalgia to use but there’s also some really neat tricks the MD/MM song mode can do other than just sequence patterns.


Glide is a Standard!

i bought my digitakt a view weeks ago and i must say i was (and still am) disappointed, when i found out this thing has no Glide… i did not expect that at all, because Glide is a absolute Standard in all mono synths and Samplers. Even the smallest ones have it. All my basslines and Leads sound totally lifeless without Glide. So Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease give us Glide!!!