The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


retrigs: page 2!

probably the best place for the arpegiator to go too once there are MIDI re-trigs.



Saving chained patterns :slightly_smiling_face:


On envelope depth controls: left = negative modulation, right = positive modulation and 12 o’clock = zero modulation. Add a random modulation function at 6 o’clock. Assigns a random amount of +/- mod per trig


I’d like to be able to select samples from multiple folders to load into a project in a single operation. Right now it seems to only be possible to select samples from one folder to load at a time. I’m pretty new to Digitakt and Elektron products, so if there’s already a way to do this I’ve missed it.


Longshot, what if you prepped the samples on computer, create a folder, transfer them through USB and that way they’re all in one folder? But then this wouldn’t change things for instances where you may want to grab from other folders on the fly


Ok I want something simple, I don’ think is to much to ask. And it would really help constructing songs to a certain degree.

So what I would like ( maybe is there yet, hope so :slight_smile: is that the triggers also would affect certain tracks.

So for example im playing a 4/4 beat and every 16 bars I want a drum roll to be triggered, so i could copy same same sound in same pattern about three time, lets say my kick drum. And there would be a way to trigger the second or third variation through another sound. So every time this sound plays the variation sequenced track would play and then would return again to the normal base rhythm.

(edit: I would like the trigger to occur by another sequence, however by a sample would work too)


You can somewhat do that with the X:Y conditions, funky use of retrigs and microtiming all the way into the neighbouring step. It only works if your drum roll isn’t relying too much on complex motion sequencing.


Yeah I figured if I would sample the seqeunce it could be done as well but I use very complex variations and it would take up lot of memory to have all those variations.

Thanks for suggestion, Ill have a try.


Retrigs are great in general, it’s been an eye opening experience once I began using them! A very useful tool for sequencing all sorts of transitions or random variations. The velocity parameter is a very good friend with the retrigs. It’s also nice that consecutive trigs cancel the retrig animation if they’re within range.

You can get quite some variation without taking up too much space on the sequencer.


You can do that on AR. The retrigs have an adjustable velocity curve and there’s a velocity mod matrix that targets five parameters. You can turn off velocity to volume (or not) and have the velocity curve for the retrigs ramp up or down which in turn morphs the five user assignable parameters. Velocity curve and the five mod depths can all be set positive or negative…


Yeah I haven’t delved into using the transfer software, it seems like it will be useful for organizing folders in a way I’ll be most likely to use them. But as you say, there’s no one way to organize them that will be the most efficient in every case.


12 db bandpass filter.

2 lfo per track.

Improving the way the bit rate reduction works and possibly having sample rate reduction as well.

Significantly more storage space. But I guess that’s a hardware limitations.

Timestretch (If it sounds good)

Stereo sampling, unless it’s a hardware limitation of course. But probably don’t make much sense to have in a drum sampler. Unless you want to sample wide hats and claps or something like that of course :slight_smile:


Copy / Paste banks.

I’m using Digitakt mostly as a sampler, and using banks for a different flavors / variants of the same track. It would be super handy if I could just copy bank from one to another and not pattern-by-pattern as I have to do it right now


delete sample folder when not empty with FN + DELETE

EDIT; possible with elektron tranfer app! … still would be nice to be able to delete folder and sub folders within the machine!


I wonder why the Digitakt does not interpret sustain loop tags when importing wave files. This is a well-documented part of the file header and there are millions of WAV files that contain loop tags. We could save a lot of time and adjust the loops comfortably on the computer with appropriate audio tools like WaveLab, Endless WAV etc.

Here is some documentation:


Everytime a new sampler comes out I say the same thing. Even Ableton’s sampler does not support this basic feature. The more cpu and memory we have, the less sampler use well known techniques akai/emu/roland 90s machines.


in order of realism and importance:

  1. scale per track
  2. remove unused samples from project easily
  3. timestretch would be nice but i understand…

the first two, especially the first one, have no excuses tho! would be a perfect machine with scales


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Adjust trigs/pages: turning encoder pages go 1, 1+2, 1+2+3, 1+2+3+4 (as per current function) keep turning encoder to go to 2+3+4, 3+4, 4 i.e. trigs are removed from the start of the pattern.
Step sequencing from the chromatic keyboard including slides/portamento and rests (maybe on the arrow keys?)


third wish. Note retrig for midi…