"Song mode" Digitakt


That’s the right approach, instead of wanting that things are what they are not, just don’t buy the product.


Italian cars are not meant to make tea. You’ll need a british car for that. But it is a bummer that it doesn’t make espresso …


OB works, so I have gained interest in the DT! :slight_smile:
“Song Mode” by Enrique


And take note of the generous comment on the video from the utter gentleman there :wink:


Wait so have we ever received any word from elektron that this isn’t coming or that overbridge is the song mode stand-in solution?


This has been the only word from an elektron employee


Out of time for which release? So it was just dropped because it didn’t make the intended release? With a slight possibility to be picked up again.


Who knows.

I’ve said it before. Implementation of song mode takes the digitakt into “classic” territory.

With overbridge looking well on its way to being stable, having song mode would be huge home run for the digitakt.

It’s already their best selling product. I think nurturing their current fanbase would set themselves up very well for further digitakt releases down the line.


Ok - Last night I started thinking, and this concept might be WAY off. Note that I avoided saying “Song Mode” as I’ve never used it in Elektron gear (and it’s already a thing).

The whole purpose of this was to imagine if this capability were real in Digitakt, how could it work?
If we help work it out before it exists, maybe it will help it exist in the future :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think…

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Nice. Looks good to me.


Cool - thanks :slight_smile:

Note that you could set Next to be none, and that would stop playing.
You can also have indefinite loops like A01 to A02 to A01, which might be a good thing.

I was exploring a simpler design with [PLAY] + [UP] to access a UI panel to set up everything.
I really do need to go read about song mode…


Honestly, any of the previous song mode iterations would suffice. There is no need to reinvent the wheel on this one.


Yes that’s true - I just skimmed this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnE4rUa46SE

OT Arranger does a lot more than what’s needed for DT. A simplified version of that could be the best approach.


you could always use Reaktor Blocks to sequence your patterns [or Max or something like that…if you use a computer, your DAW]

with Logic, you could set the Environment up to change patterns from a keyboard. you could manually trigger all your gear to change patterns when you want them to.


Even the song mode from the Machinedrum would suffice. Simple and to the point.


Yep - I’ve done that in FL Studio… https://www.elektronauts.com/t/digitakt-ob-2-0-beta-fl-studio-20-1-1-build-795/73375/18?u=gino

I just think it’s a very useful feature in general (outside a DAW).

FWIW - I also read the some of the docs on Machinedrum http://www.elektron.co.jp/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/machinedrum_manual_OS1.63.pdf so I see what you guys mean.


Ya of course.

Just offering solutions to use inna pinch.


i’d prefer to have the same song mode that’s on the monomachine (and i think, machinedrum)…OT’s arranger is essentially the same thing.

i never really liked the AR’s song mode though.


Ok - After reading and thinking a bit here is a 2nd design, then I’ll stop I promise! :slight_smile:

The concept here is to do something limited in case there’s a business intention for that.
And a small scope is easier to develop increasing the chance of it actually happening.


I found this :