Introducing Digitakt


I hadn’t considered that (mostly because my TM-2 has become more a part of my modular, receiving triggers out from Mutable Instruments Branches for some funky drumming), but it’s a clever idea. I’m not actually quite sure how the midi sequencing on the Digitakt would fit into my setup since I have the Pyramid doing the heavy lifting, but the trig conditions would give me something different sequencing-wise, so I’d find some way to use them.


Is midi coming to the DAW via overbridge so that it can be latency compensated for when triggering VSTis?


Can you record polyphonic midi notes live or do you have to p-lock the poly notes like on OT / MD? Thanks Simon :slight_smile:


Operating system schmoperating system. I’ll take it now, warts and all. I will love it either way.


No FX tracks. We have a few ideas for the Master page, so I’ll refrain from a direct answer at the moment. I’m sure you can imagine a few options that would make sense.


No Song mode, but Chain mode will be there, and our goal is to make it a viable alternative.

Generative, mutating pattern chains
The Digitakt Feature Request Thread
The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

Man, you had me at Chain mode. Or hello. Not sure what came first in this marathon thread.


Fun fact, I actually made a mockup of a tracker screen, but it was a taaad bit cramped in the 128x64 resolution! :happy:


funny, elektron gear with p-locks reminds me a bit of tracking in renoise, banging in loads of step automation with the keyboard shortcuts :slight_smile:


No coincidence, a lot of the guys who worked on the Machinedrum were demosceners.


class :sunglasses:


Black Lotus? The Silents? Others?


That is great to hear.


Are there any firmware improvements / enhancements / inventions that will be making their way from the Digitakt to other existing hardware?


What about rec trigs, quantized rec, track select in order to use DT as a LOOPER…?

Is it possible to place trigs before recording ?


Adjust the loop sample with microtimer is da only possibilty i guess


Adjust the loop sample with microtimer is da only possibilty i guess


I pre-ordered over a month ago with G4M but the due date with them has been put back to mid June :frowning: Thomann says mid May. if I cancel my G4M order and go with thomann would I still get thomanns initial batch would u think? is it worth the gamble?
I’m guessing G4M aren’t getting elektrons 1st batch maybe but I dunno.


If you preordered from Elektron then you are the priority and will get a Digitakt by May. The rest that preordered from retailers and shops, will get theirs later than May, maybe mid June.


Simon told me that half of the 1st batch go to shops and half is for elektron direct sales. he didn’t know which shops got the 1st batch tho. it’s a mystery :slight_smile: