Syntakt USB Ripcord

Hi all,

I usually get USB rip cords from, but apparently the normal Digitakt, Digitone etc. rip cords are only 1A and the Syntakt requires 2A.

I reached out to and have not received a reply yet.

Anyone have thoughts on another way to power the Syntakt with a USB power bank?


I have their regular (not PD) converter for Digitakt. I bought it after many reports of issues with Ripcords and only seeing praise for Birdcord. [Edit: wrong voltage, see below.]


Thanks for the reply.

So maybe this 12v model with a male to male USB A cord?

Just realized it was USB C. So a USB C to A adapter.

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Sorry, yes, I got the voltage wrong, 12V not 9V.

I don’t have any experience with PD power banks but as it is a recent technology, I imagine most if not all of them would have USB-C ports.

While Ive only owned one ripcord, it was dead on arrival, i have two birdcord one 9v and one 12v and both work flawlessly.

Not sure they will work with Syntakt though since it is 2A

The older cords won’t, which is why I linked to the new PD cord, which promises up to 3A. Probably need a hefty power pack, though.

It says a max of 3A. So I’m guessing that would be OK?

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Yeah probably! Anyways I’d chose birdcord over ripcord every time!

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So I guess you’d have to find a battery pack they can handle at least a 2A load? Not sure how to spec that out when shopping for it.

RAVpower has power banks with wall warts as well, that is another option. I use one to power my modular on the go…

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So you think the 12 V model I linked to would have the right sizing for the Syntakt?

From a brief search, it looks as if many power packs specify max amperage at various voltage levels. I did see some that said 12V/3A, but also 12V/1.5A and 12V/2A, so probably someone is going to have to do some experimenting.

Just be mindful that some early (probably none in the wild) units had this printed on them (mine included) - but you should use the prescribed adaptor and ignore reference to 1A on the chassis - see manual and Elektron etc

but for the avoidance of doubt - a few early (rare :tongue:) editions look like this - i can’t go into the why tho !



So do you think I would be safe with this model?

If you actually look at the description it mentions both analog heat and Rytm both which I believe require more amps…

So this means it can take higher amps and has the same barrel size as the other Elektrons… so I’m pretty certain this one will do

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I saw in Andrew Huang’s Syntakt video he was using a Ripcord, I have one of those from the Digitone, so was hoping to be able to use that.


I use that one with my OT, A4 etc. works flawlessly, just make sure your powerbank supports PD.

Plus the guy who makes these is super nice, every oder comes with a handwritten thank you note.

(I have the 12V one and the 9V one)

I only found out the other day Ripcord are an Irish company. I live up the road from their head office. always just assumed they were from the US.

I have one of these. Works fine with digitone and rytm mk2. Will work fine with Syntakt too, though I haven’t tested it yet.

I have this one, but was concerned about the 1A spec. I guess that’s the one Andrew is probably using in that video?