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1.00 - Syntakt 1.00 : bug reports

Confirmed Issues

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  • No randomisation of the Digital machines’ Tune Parameter (TBC)

  • No randomisation of the Analog machines’ Overdrive Parameter (TBC)

  • etc


I’m reticent to label an omission as a bug. It may have been coded (wrongly) to work however, and simply isn’t delivering on the manual’s promise … (championed by @Tchu)

KB SCALE sets the track’s scale. This setting governs which notes are playable on the Syntakts [TRIG] keys and from external MIDI devices that send on the Syntakt’s Auto channel to allow only notes in the set scale. For a list of all selectable keyboard scales, please see “APPENDIX E: KEYBOARD SCALES” on page 109.

This is apparently working on Digitone so may be a copy/paste too far, or an omission, or maybe a bug. Either way something’s wrong as it isn’t working as described above


I’m going to post this “bug” here as well, just in case anyone notices this too but I did email elektron about it and got a reply, but just in case they forget to fix it etc…

I sent this to them:

“Just noticed that all digital machines “TUNE” knob doesn’t seem to move during randomization but all analog machines “TUNE” knob does move during randomization. Perhaps this is intentional?
Also noticed that all overdrive parameters on digital machines randomize with the randomize feature but none of the overdrive randomizes on the analog machines. Perhaps this is intentional too?”

And they replied with:

“I have forwarded the information to our developers. It should work the same for both analog and digital tracks, and I consider it a bug that it doesn’t. It should be an easy fix.”


Okay - marked that one above, please mention if this confirmation is reviewed.

Hopefully it could be considered alongside taming randomisation of LFO fade across its (current) whole range as it’s generally so slow as to be pointless for percussive sounds. Not a bug, but bugs me. Amp Volume isn’t varied, so some exclusions are intentional, sounds like Tune wasn’t intended, I agree, looking forward to that changing

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Does anyone has the issue that you can’t open the retrig menu on a midi track? :thinking: I can’t make retrigs on a midi trig. I have tested this on the Model Cyles and it works. Have not tested firmware 1.01, maybe it has been resolved already :wink:

It’s not ‘resolved’ down to being ‘omitted’ - more Feature request than bug in this instance

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Just reported 2 more possible bugs to elektron

This is what I wrote to them:

"FX track in the internal mixer on syntakt does not respond to FUNC and turning “E” knob, which should bring it down from 127 to 100 to 0 in steps like it does for the others. Unless that is intentional?

Also delay feedback parameter seems to self-oscillate very much over 100 value. Not sure if intentional or not but it can get out of control."

Will update if I get a reply back!

Thanks! Then I don’t have to look any further and just have to wait for the coming “new” features.

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All the Tracks seem to be smooth over the full range - only the delay returns are snapped

That’s the magic tipping point, so it’s very much by design and ‘use with care’ !!

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I don’t know if it’s me or not but it looks like some new presets in the list that I don’t remember being there?

Ok, not sure if this would be considered bugs or not but if not then kindly remove. I just went through all presets and these presets below do not seem to work when scrolling through the preset list. I’ve turned my volume all the way up on syntakt. Very few seem to play at very very low volume when clicked on but majority of them have no sound that I can hear. Perhaps someone can try these and confirm?



Ok got a reply back about my fx track concern and delay feedback. Not bugs!

"Hi Brock,

Thanks for reporting!

No track level parameter is snapping, so it is the intentional behavior. I can report it as a feature request though!

The delay feedback gain will start to self-oscillate a lot at around 90 or so with default settings. This is intentional, and the same on all Elektron products. It can indeed get out of control, so tweak it with care.

Kind Regards,

Patrik - Elektron"

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I got two thirds through those and every one loads fine - they’re all digital so far, so they are for Tr:1-8

Not sure what your issue is, but disconnect everything and go to a new project (saving first) and try with headphones

Generally do that before reporting a bug as it rules out other secondary things, just in case

Is there a pattern to using FUNC with the knobs? On some parameters it jumps to one specific value, regardless of the direction I turn the knob, in others it jumps to highest and lowest values, in others it jumps in (more or less meaningful) steps.

Think I may have found another bug and reported as well. Will update once I get info from elektron about it.

Press FX button on syntakt and then hold down FUNC key and then turn the level / data knob while holding FUNC key and a pop-up window says “ONLY ON SOUND TRACKS” and it just stays there and never disappears. The only way I’ve seen to clear the pop-up is by clicking “no”… but I would assume the box would disappear after a few seconds of warning but it doesn’t.

Digging the new update. Had a bit of a bug though I wonder if anyone can recreate to confirm. I found that if I try to copy mixer page 3 to another pattern, it does not copy the page and instead effects what seems to be the filter or something for me. Basically I had the IN LR up to 50 on one patter and wanted to paste the mixer page3. After doing so my track 5 had strange filtering behavior but I couldn’t locate the change. Copying mixer pages 1 and 2 seemed to be fine.

Had a bit of a weird one while troubleshooting some OB problems yesterday (said OB problems were fixed and unrelated to the update). I booted into test mode (hold [FUNC] while powering on). Ran the tests, no problems, then booted into the Syntakt properly. Not sure if any of that is relevant, but figured I’d include it anyway.

Going into the USB Config menu, switching to USB Midi and back to Overbridge mode crashed the Syntakt with an error message saying to turn the device off and back on. Turned it back on, had the same issue. Factory reset and reinstalling the updated firmware seemed to fix it.

The issue with the “compatible track” indicator (or filter) when p-locking sounds from the sound pool is still there (Syntakt 1.00 : bug reports - #89 by bram2000).

Basically there’s an exclamation point after sounds that cannot be loaded on the current track, but it is often obscured by the name of the sound. Ideally this list would just be filtered such that you could only select a sound that is compatible with the current track.

The fact that the ! Is there is an implicit indication it’s not an actual bug. The indicator I mentioned here(below) is still a compromise of sorts, i.e. The inverted text.

No doubt only showing viable options would be faster, but have a thought about why it’s been designed as is. What about when you copy a track from 1 to 9, should it not show the selected (false) locks !?

Ask Elektron for a response or suggest a FR

I also have some wierd problems after the update. 1.01

The FX envelopes do not seem to work at all. Which seem strange since the update was about that…

Also the key combination TRK + func in step mode would in the earlier OS let me open the mute mode temporarily. I find that behaviour also in the Digitakt when I remember right.
It seems to be switched around since func +TRK opens it. But then it switches into Keybord mode as well, which sends me out of step mode… clear?

Then pressing TRK + func for a couple of times makes the machine crash…