Small OS tweaks

I’ve been using the Octatrack a lot lately and noticed a few things that I wish they’d tweak in the OS without really adding features or large amounts of code.

On the page for quantizing, swing etc. - pressing enter (to quantize 50%) and turning the knob to adjust swing should work at all times (independent of the row you are on). The enter key and knob do not have any function in the other rows.

Attempting to sample from a source that is not enabled, should automatically enable that source. From what I can tell, it is currently possible to start sampling with c+d (as an example) but nothing is recorded if c+d is not enabled as a source in the recorder setup. As is, the buffer is overwrote with silence so automatically enabling the requested source would do no further harm. Another option would be to refuse to record anything at all if a non-enabled source is triggered. This would perhaps prevent accidental deletion of the record buffer.

Any other small OS tweaks? I had more but am away from the :elot: currently.


Now that we know the OS is being updated (trig conditions) - post some EASY, SMALL things that maybe (just maybe) Elektron might do for us.

I stand by my request above to adjust swing and quantize without changing to the related row in the sub-menu - I can’t think of a reason to not allow it and would make workflow that much faster.

Another one, make function + knob while in the sub-menu adjust swing on all channels at the same time. I like individual swing on each track but at times it would be nice to quickly set them all to the same value.

Yes, perhaps this is all dream-time but you never know. Post your ideas and keep them simple!

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p-lockable program change in midi seq. as on the md and dt.


PB knob should FUNC-click back to 64 (no PB)

& There are a few other parameters that need a sticky neutral point

Edit: like transpose


Smooth should have option not to affect pitch. Then you could program slides between all the other parameters without the portamento effect messing up yr chromatic programming.


On audio editor we need a key combiniatipn to preview just the last
second of sample / loop point.

when you’re working on a long sample & you need to adjust the sound of the loop points or just how it ends you shouldn’t have to play the whole thing.


In the arranger REM comments should generate a new line when you exceed character limit. Whether or not you actually use the arranger, they are the only place to enter set-up notes for your projects


Envelope retrig for Playback RETRIG, as in Microtiming Page Trig Counts.
One2 rec mode working for Rec Trigs. That’d be great combined with TRC !
Enable track Scenes plocks copy, in order to paste it on other tracks.
Enable bank copy.


So on that subject how about a notes screen for each project. Pref one that reads from a txt file within project folder so theres the option to type your notes on a real keyboard. when connected in usb mode

Yes I’ve been making a list!..

Illegal characters not to be available when entering a project name


Metronome settings to be personal not per project

Really want:

Patterns containing only trigless locks to light up as patterns with content.


When you’re p-locking a sample the selection to start from the slot of the assigned sample not slot 1. Adjacent slots are more likely to contain related sounds

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Big one for me;

Chromatic only midi note control:

Be able to switch off all midi note control EXCEPT the chromatic notes. No more accidental mutes, records etc. When you happen to hit a note out of range.

I rarely use the other midi note controls but use chromatic all the time. I’m prob not alone.


I was just thinking this last night when plocking slots!

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Quantise switch more easily accessible less of a menu dive. I’d like a toggle key combination.

A quantise ON indicator - even if it’s just a corner pixel.

FULL quantise option in track trig editor rather than percentage.

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Armed indicator

Unless I’m missing it …

Noise gate as an effect (same as input)

Been wondering if a gated reverb can be set up like one but keep forgetting to try it…

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Ability to copy page on slides, swing & rec trig (not just sample trigs)


A mode where you get confirmation prompts for all clearing actions. esp clearing patterns or the trigs in grid mode

Or just some consistency - In audio editor you get a “sure?” when clearing trim points and I think slots too. I’d like a cautious mode where all clears get a “sure?”