Small OS tweaks

Yes to everything posted in this thread so far!


Gate works with Plate Rev, Mix = max, not very nice result.

I just tried with 2 tracks, 2 different slots with same sample, same settings, except one sample with inverted phase > no sound.
On track 1, add a compressor, ratio = max, decrease threshold > you have a noise gate.


I don’t understand, could you elaborate ?
I made a test, with a default track sample, and a plocked sample. I can plock individual Playback page Start and change Audio Editor Trim selection individually without problems.

I mean plocking the actual sample that trig will sound. Making it a different one from the default assigned

Edit: I think it was my use of the word ‘start’ that threw you. I’m talking about slots

I would LOOOOOVE more than 2 octaves for samples. That would be soooooo nice.


Regarding a gate - I have secretly been wishing for a gate to be added as an effect but figured no one else would want it. One could also make it a bit of a “utility” effect as in ableton (general level boost, stereo fixes, etc.).

Though these are all wishlist items for us I do think that Elektron is essentially re-introducing this as a new product and needs all the features they can add to help sell it. I like the Octa but until you see the upsides the Octa is to the un-initiated a very expensive monophonic 8 part sampler with a reputation for being inscrutable.



I totally agree with your last sentence. I basically bought the OT because I didn’t really know much about samplers and already loved the Elektron workflow. While I do love my OT, there are def. times where I feel like it’s lacking and wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to people as their first sampler.

Let’s be real, though. We’re probably only going to see small updates to the OS.

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Oh man, I totally missed the REM feature in the arranger! My biggest request is for labels for the midi CCs but a workaround (not great, I know) for now would be to stick those in the arranger. Thanks!


For all machines, not just the OT: hold function and press multiple trigs on a page to select them all at one time. For setting a ‘block’ of identical p-locks. Pressing function again deselects them.


octa arranger has rem - or does it work differently from the md?

Wait, this one’s new to me. So does it latch them or do you need to keep them held while you tweak the parameters to be locked?

Wish, not tip I think. :wink:
I felt the same. :slight_smile:

I suppose latching would be the right word. No, you wouldn’t want to need to keep holding the trigs. Either continue holding function while p-locking …or you could ptobably even release it while in this kind of ‘group p-locking’ state. Then either release function or press it again to clear the group selection.

Actually it kinda conflicts with the process for trigless trigs… but you could use something other than the function key.

function + lfo speed does not reset to neutral value like many other knobs (should reset to 0,64,127)

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correction : function + swing already adjusts all tracks!


To LFO Designer sub-menu, add:

all positive (any negative value is set to zero)
all negative (any positive value is set to zero)

to existing randomize and invert options

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Reverse too !

Another one, that used to work till 1.25E

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Haha crap I forgot which thread I was in!

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