Record MIDI steps with external MIDI keyboard

I’m able to play my external synths via the OT by switching tracks. Doesn’t that mean that my routing is correct?
If I activate OT Track 1 I can play my mopho with my midi keyboard. If I activate Track 2 on the OT then I can play my FS1R with my midi keyboard. ETC.
I’m not using any Audio tracks at all. I don’t really understand this statement:
“If your midi track has the same channel as an audio track, you can’t receive midi notes…” What does this even mean? I’m sorry but not very experienced with the OT.

In the manual :

If an audio track and a MIDI track share the same MIDI channel, the MIDI track will block the audio track from sending out data while the audio track will block the MIDI track from receiving data.


If an audio track and a MIDI track share the same MIDI channel, the MIDI track will block the audio track from sending out data while the audio track will block the MIDI track from receiving data.

::::Yes but unfortunately that means nothing to my little mind. :slight_smile:

Check if your audio tracks channels are different from your midi track channel.

Shared channel = no midi reveive for midi tracks and no midi send for audio tracks.


thank you sezare56 for helping. I’m not quite sure by what you mean. I did not know that there are midi sends for audio tracks nor do I know where that setting is.

Its in your MIDI settings

Thank you, I’ll look when I get home.

Unfortunately it is a limitation, you can change channels but if you don’t send nor receive midi with audio tracks you can set channels to off.

Fn + Mixer > Midi > Channels
Here you can set Auto Channel and audio tracks channels.

Ok I finally got a chance to try a few things. Thank you for all the input.

  1. In record mode I can play a key on my midi keyboard while holding down a trig. The proper note will be recorded as a step.
  2. While in record mode I cannot play the keyboard freely and have the OT record what I’m playing. No holding of trigs.
    I know it’s a step sequencer but I figured this would work somehow. I’m coming from the world of my MPC1000 and QY-800 which record anything you play.
    If this is the way the OT works I’m OK with that I just want to make sure I’m not using the OT incorrectly.

Thank you

There are 2 recording modes :
Grid (press Rec) for step sequencing
Live (press Rec+Play) for live midi recording

You seem to use correct midi channel for the auto channel, as you can record notes holding a trig.

I come from the world of Atari, Mc 303…909, Mpcs, Qy100 :wink:

Sry for bringing this back…
Actually I like to kick old threads back if the topic is matching :slight_smile:

how do I make the OT differentiate between using a cc command and playing e.g. the corresponding note chromatic ally (e.g. I want to control the track level (cc46) by midi controller and want to play the same note (a2#) on the same audio track with the same multi functional midi keyboard?

Thanks for helping

I don’t understand.

Audio tracks chromatical notes are C5-C7.
You can use the Auto Channel, or the midi channel of the track.

I’ll guess you have miss-interpreted the Note Mappings table in the manual. The listed values are just notes, not CCs.

The thing with the Octatrack is: its audio channels can only play a small range of notes (2 octaves), because it cannot pitch up or down a sample further. So every other note you send to one of its audio tracks will not produce a sound.

To utilize these otherwise unused notes Elektron has bound them to functions like sequencer start/stop etc.pp. Which note is mapped to which function can be seen from the Note Mapping table in the manual.

IMHO that’s a really great way to re-purpose these unused notes, because you don’t need to set up external controller buttons to send CCs, but just press notes on a keyboard.


Is it possible to not use these unused notes ? So when playing midi keyboard I only play notes and not start stop seq. ?

Nope. You can split your keyboard if possible, use a midi processor to filter notes, or buy a 2 octave keyboard, or use this :


Found a less painfull method ! Thanks to Kenny Zhao


-Midi control -Audio Note in -Audio Cc in

Thatll turns off the chromatic notes too. In that video he goes on just to use the midi side.

A switch that restricts audio tracks to receiving only the chromatic notes would be great


I also use midi guitar now and then and then I def have to go through a bunch of iOS apps to filter/transpose because it’s pretty inprossible to avoid triggering some of those command notes. mousetraps won’t help!

I too am often (very often) annoyed by this note command feature. A switch would be a great improvement, but CC59 should be able to work even with the switch flipped

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hi, did you get this working? I have the same problem as yet unresolved. I didn’t understand the answer you got either.