Sequencing Trip Hop type stuff on Octatrack

Sadly the problem with this nowadays is that sampling is quite expensive for professional musicians.

For releasing it can be, for learning/fun though it’s not!

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Anyway you can record your own drum break if you have a drumkit or find tons of royalty free samples around…


Well not so expensive. Check


Unrelated/related - anyone used this and gone through their licensing process for release? The monthly subscription doesn’t clear the samples for release as well does it?

They apparently have three categories for songs that dictate the actual upfront licensing fee: A is $1500 per song, B is $500 per song and C is $50 per song. Also you have to share the potential revenue:

“Depending on how much of the original song you sample, you share a different percentage of your future revenue. It doesn’t matter how long you use the sample for in your new song – you can loop five seconds for ten minutes and it’s still only five seconds of sample time. The total sample length is also cumulative – it doesn’t have to be a continuous piece.”

For most fresh artists without backing its still a lot of dollar I suppose

Enough not to be worth it IMO.

Well, when I work with artists with backing, it’d be worth it cus their label will just pay for it! so I reckon its useful still

For sure! And that’s a brilliant service, it’s much better to have set rules and fees for sampling, it levels the playing field for producers. Still, if I were in any position to make money with music, instead of sampling I would just make a new beat on a drum machine with the same feel.

FWIW, as a non-professional, I sample what I want and get on with tings. Just do it, have fun, pitch shit a little bit or a lot. If some service takes your track down cool it for a while as far as posting to that service. : )

For sure, as an amateur it’s not a big deal. It’s just an explanation for why we don’t see much really cool sampling like that on major label music anymore. Like, Stones Throw CEO has asked people to stop posting what samples their records use online because they can’t honestly pay to clear them.


Yes, it is a sad state of affairs. Not that I didn’t take your meaning (and there was a lack of explaining there on my part) more that I wanted to encourage us little guys to keep doing it. Keep the traditions alive whether you mangle or borrow a little more directly : ) Some abhor it as stealing by talentless hacks but I think sampling is an absolute cornerstone of electronic music.

What’s the deal with Amen break now? Do you have to pay to use it?

If you use it on Youube it gets taken down by the publishing company. So you are breaking copyright still.

Hah, what a goldmine. I wonder who owns the copyright.

Just google it. Its not hard.

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This is a fun idea. I’m going to give that a go tonight. Thank you!

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Let’s hope it’s The Winstons :wink: