Is the Elektron sequencer starting to be “out-dated”?

The primary thing I’d like to add to the discussion is the idea of CV clock in, or rather to be able to advance the sequence with an independent trigger or pulse, rather than a constant stream of evenly spaced pulses. Perhaps this is already feasible with an external device for converting pulses to midi clock, but that would then lead me to request that Elektron give us the option to unlock delay/ reverb pre-delay from being influenced by the incoming midi-clock. (It might not always be desirable to have the fluctuations in tempo influencing the time-based FX.)

Lastly, I’d just like to emphasize the OP-Z’s step components/ master track features have me very green with envy. :drooling_face:

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I know right. This and the “relative” lock bugs me the most of the sequencer.

You can use a midi sequencer to run the notes from the device and then parameter lock on the Elektron. But it would be nice to just double tap the record button to enter automation trigs. Just like double tap Shift mute to get the pattern mute on the Digis.

For the OT it can just be one of the trig modes as for the A4 and Rytm it can work the same.

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I would love an ‘expert mode toggle’ in the global settings that puts all the sequencer info into different lanes much like how each automation can be expanded into a separate lane in Ableton. For example, the way trigs, slide, swing and recorder trigs are separated into lanes on the OT, but even more of them. Having a dedicated lane for parameter locks (trigless trigs) that can either be per step changes, or gradual change slides from one to the next would be amazing imo. Or separate FX lanes, etc etc. It would really allow for detailed edits like a tracker taking one part of the sequencer information at a time.


Yes, I can’t agree more. This would really be a big WOW factor for me and show innovation for the company. I thought about this from the moment I had a A4 and later the OT which has multiple trig lanes for the FX or swing and stuff.

I am going to do a feature request in the morning :slight_smile: how they do it is up to them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The more I think about it, the more I get excited. Imagine trig conditions for if reverb is added to a step or not, for example. Fuuuuck. Generative madness heaven


The vector sequencer is amazing. Got it a few months ago and have been very pleased so far. The firmware is being updated very regularly and great features being added all the time. I haven’t used the MIDI much - it mainly runs my eurorack modules - but it is definitely extremely capable.

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It is :nerd_face:
Especially when using another sequencer/lfo/random source to modulate the remix parameters so that the pattern stays static, but the variations always surprise you!

The Monomachine has a basic version of this. By default, laying a trig is laying a trig for the amp envelope, the filter envelope and the LFO, but there is a button to switch to seeing any of those “lanes” separately, so you can edit/remove those data individually. More modern Elektrons just use trigless trigs and p-locks to do that.

+1 for conditional p-locks by the way. I’d also love a MnM style song mode combined with all the microtiming and conditionals from the newer boxes.


AK/A4 sequencer can’t be outdated yet.
It’s still waiting for the AR Retrig :rage:

As for other sequencers, PolyendSeq now has chord per track. Nice update.

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Probably not going to happen. Drum machines get a retrig and synths a arp. But one can hope.

Also I miss the function to set different note Parameters (velocity, length, etc) in a chord within the Elektron boxes.

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This is my main request for the sequencer too. Ping Pong Mode for Play direction, random Mode and probability. Arturia showed the way here.


I think the Elektron sequencer is pretty great as it is. Perhaps a screen so that you could more readily see what all you have programmed, but then you get into the screeners vs anti screeners debate.

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So often I’ve wished for an easy way to see what I’ve programmed into a whole track or sequence. A larger display or display specifically for that would be so great.

My main gripe is that I actually play Bass and you can’t sequence the AK to play realistic Bass riffs, which have highly variable retriged components. The Subsequent37 can do a basic retrig, but something like the AR is perfect for job, plocking different retrigs every note if you wanted to.

The one thing that bugs me is how Elektron viciously ignores the whole hiphop community. As if we didn’t exist. please for ** sake talk to the community and see what they’d like to see. A nicer shuffle that actually has some bounce for instance (ALL), or longer sequences so that you can play in double time without loosing grid resolution (DT). Scale presets (DT).

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Sure, I’m aware of that thread :wink: but I was pointing more at the company as such. I haven’t seen a single product presentation that would have addressed the hiphop community.

To be fair I’m not seeing many well know hip-hop guys using elektron a to begin with. Like Akai has reason to cater to the hip-hop community, MPCs are used by major producer all the time. I’ve yet to see like say a timbaland or RZA video with a digitakt being used or floating around in the background.

I don’t need more for midi sequencing!


Every product has its own target audience. But I think if you like hip hop that should not stop you for making it on Elektro.n.