Hip hop made with the Digitakt

I was thinking we could do a thread for people to post their hip hop tracks made with the Digitakt. I’d love to hear what kind of stuff other people are making.

To start it off, here is my entry for the Stones Throw Beat Battle this week. You had to do series of micro sample flips within the same beat (choosing from the samples provided).

This is my first track to record using the live unquantized record mode. It’s definitely going to be my go to for looser feeling drums. I’m still learning my way around the machine, but I’m loving it so far. It’s so much more fun to use than my old MPC1000.


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Really nice stuff. Digging it.

Have you sampled vinyl, if so, how’s it sounding?


Thanks man. I sold my decks a while back, so I haven’t been sampling off vinyl. One of my good friends is a huge 45 collector and has offered to lend me a deck and let me work my way through his collection, so I may take him up on the offer.

The Digitakt sounds amazing in general. I really wish each track had EQ though. I find that it can get insanely bass-heavy when using the low pass filter. I’m struggling to not have mud, but that’s more on me than the machine.


I make Hip Hop, will definitely bump this thread a few times, maybe more. Stay tuned.


Sampled some vinyl last night and it sounded good! Mono summing and normilasition seems to take a tiny bit of low end out to my untrained ears, and a few pops and cracks on the record were very present in the sample.

I’m using a basic numark dj mixer as a phono pre in my signal chain, so you might be able to get richer sounding samples off wax with high-end gear, though I’m more than happy with the results.

Did have the reported freeze while trimming a sample for the first time though which was a pain.



Nice jam :slight_smile: Is the tape style warble on the keys from DT programming or on the source sample/instrument?

This is dope as fuck. Will post at some point in this thread. DT is excellent for hip hop. Flashback to my first beat with it:


Should of mentioned I used my SP404 to record those jams, so the warble comes from the vinyl sim on the sp404. Kind of want an OG SP404 as it sounds way better on the OG



Ah, makes sense now :slight_smile: Yeah my Op1 is permanently routed in to my 404 for Vinyl Sim + other sp fx :slight_smile: I’ve never ran a full mix in to 404/vinyl sim tho, there’s a bunch of plugins I’ve got in habit of using in daw for that kind of mix vibe, pretty happy with it atm but I’ll try recording mix out to the 404, sounds killer on your track :slight_smile:

My 404’s OG but never used an SX to be able to compare…

I used to have OG, and sold it years ago, picked up the SP recently and as soon as I played some samples I noticed the difference. The vinyl sim is close between the two, but the COMP fx is sooo much better on the OG. Miss that.


Another track, pretty mundane composition but this was just recording a jam so no planned structure :confused:
But really pleased with the stereo field in this one, cut the delay down to the minimum and increased the width then panned certain tracks off center to move them around.


Just a little video demonstrating Digitakt’s raw sound. Hooked straight to the amp.


Really dope! It’s good to see what you’re cooking up! That could be ridiculous with some rhymes on top of it.


Hell yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. Haha.

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Poppa Large! Thats my jam.:sunglasses:


dope! :heart_eyes:

Big shot on the East Coast!