Please post your OT hiphop futurebeats lofi trip hop and boom bap here!

Nice vibes man.

I’m using the OT Mk2 to trigger patterns, and also one shots when needed. Mainly just that at the moment but I’m gonna give it a go via the cues as an ext fx box some point this weekend.

Probably will put a couple of full tracks on and see how I go with running it through the fx and then importing it back into the daw as well.


OT into MPC touch

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All OT into Touch or into Ableton, but all started on OT


I will use the 404 a lot… maybe I’ll make a beat and use that on just the drums and record the drums to free up some tracks and it’ll have a new sound where I still have my bass and synth in a track lined up. Your song is really good tbh I’m jealous I wish I was that good with my OT

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Dude this is dope as hell. I’m digging this. I’d even commission you for a beat on my tape if you’d be down

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+1 for don’t merge, I’ve thought about making this thread a couple of times. Curious to see more OT hip hop. I’ll drop something in when I get round to it :thup:


yaaoo! I’d be honored. Thanks mate!

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Made a new song today spent a lot more effort than usual tried some new things… let me know please. constructive criticism is always welcome.


constructive criticism is welcome im still trying to figure out how i can use the midi on my octatrack with my sp404 and how i can make song progression more pronounced and present in my music i.e. intro chorus song bridge chorus outro its hard when youre teaching yourself it all


I like it, has a super relaxed groove to it; and I like the comb filter sweep.

Maybe break up the elements a bit to give the composition some space? I would have loved to be able to focus on the groove you had dialed in, so a break in the tape effects every once and while. (I liked the tape effects though, they fit the groove)


Like this one, what are modulating? Rate and retrig? Are they scene locked? How did u do that triplet stutter, loved it.


let me know about this one

thats the sp404 i manually use the djfx and its taken time to dial in the length of the tape as you turn it on and slow it down it gets old tho im still trying to figure out ways i can use it more creatively.

Ahh, ok too funny I had just stumbled onto the sp-404, and thought hmmm “sampling workstation” that seems interesting and then I forgot about it. Going to look into it more.

I just got a Roland system 1m and then discovered other pretty cool stuff by them, Airia modules etc. And all the stuff I’m interested in is discontinued. Oh well, maybe a good time to track some of it used second hand. Thanks for sharing!

the password for the is bananapants . i would use that as a source of knowledge. if you want to get an sp404 get the og one not the sp404sx or sp404a
its got the best sounding engines.


Wack jam.
Octatrack with bunch of samples, volca bass and a bit of Nintendo.


What’s the issue mate?

You probably know, but it recieves on two channels 14/15 so you can access the different banks.

I have mine all midi up and it works like a dream, so happy to help

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