Overhub plus alternative MTT USB hubs

ha, just purchased… first :stuck_out_tongue: … far cheaper than expected…isnt it? … cant wait for the first firmware update muhaaaa elektron style

Potential problem with Overhub.

It is USB3, but the Rytm, and A4 are both USB2. So therefore when this happens, USB3 will adjust and run at USB2 speeds.

So is it over specified for real world purposes?

Just answered my own question - OH is a MULTI-TT hub which avoids the potential reduction in speed when using USB2 devices.

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I see on the pic there’s an input for external powering. I might need a powered hub for my Midibox sequencer. How much ampere can the Overhub deliver to the USB ports and what are the specs for the input?

Considering a purchase then, even though the price is quite steep…

I wonder if this would help with total integration aspect of the Virus TI synths? I use a TI2 kbd with my Octatrack but purely over MIDI. Haven’t tried running OB+A4/AR yet with the TI2 plug-in activated inside Live, but would like to be able to have all of that running simultaneously.

I’m really failing to see where the expense of this thing comes from, other than the name Elektron on the top. Seems like you could get a hub with the exact same feature set for half the price, or less.

Sorry, just really can’t believe the markup given to otherwise cheap computer components that are to be used in musical setups. I’m going to have to see the Pepsi challenge here before I believe the hype about this hub.

Pocket Operator prices!! :+1:

Great stuff. It’s a good thing to have anyways.

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Some computers have separate, internal USB “root hubs” which attach to the external ports on your computer. Consider them different “channels,” if you will. In this case O.H. might not be necessary. If you have a Virus TI or whatever, you might want to experiment with your available USB ports first.

Still, it’s USB3.0 and, most importantly: it looks damn cool!

I would like to know if you need USB3 on your computer to take advantage of full-bandwidth.

Probably not, considering AR and A4 are “full speed” USB2.0 devices–only 12Mbit/s max.

More specs, pls.

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It’s just USB 3.0 capable, for your other peripherals.

I don’t think it’s outrageously priced, or hyped.
The best deal I could find on a 3.0 compatible, 7 port, multi tt hub was $45. And it was made entirely of cheap plastic.

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A quick look on Amazon.com found many cheap 7 port USB 3.0 options. Only from the first page they have a few that are $21.95

I am wondering what the advantage of the Elektron one is also…

Are these MTT hubs?

Yet all those “cheap” options aren’t MULTI TT.
There is a difference.

From Simon @ Elektron: Overbridge [pre-announcement and June 2015 launch]

If you want to connect several Overbridge units and need to use a hub it is important that the USB hub is a multi-TT hub.

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people should quit moaning about the price and just buy a different one, but then you’ll have to be confident of the Chipset delivering the MTT goods -lots of threads on here with working solutions suggested (my well made 4 port usb3 MTT hub was £6 delivered, but is plastic/unpowered, not an issue for OB and I don’t need more than 500mA)
where were these overhubs made/designed, are they re-badged, re-packed, how many have been made ? - there’s a lot of reasons why they can’t compete on price with Belkin hubs made in china etc, but unless they’ve designed their own Chipset these hubs are doing nothing special or different, they just adhere to a standard - they’re just guaranteed to deliver MTT and leave plenty of usable bandwidth for a USB3 device - it looks very well made
I bought my device based on advice posted here and researched/found my own hub with a GL3520 Chipset - chances are that may be the one in overhub too

this one would’ve suited me if i’d seen it in the uk amazon, but I refuse to get too excited about a USB hub

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Another thing that shouldnt be underestimated is that using Overhub leads to a fully supported situation. Using computers with peripherals and devices are an accident waiting to happen when in need of support.

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No power supply included?
Kinda chintzy…

Ordered my first thing in the morning
Not over priced at all considering other “nice” and fully working powered usb hubs.
Every cheap one I’ve tried, always failed some ways… I had to spend good money for a 7 port Usb 2. And it works with my Virus TI as well!!!
Now… USB 3, I can now attach my Usb 3 HD and flash key! And keep my OT, A4, virus TI, Wacom tablet, iPad Air 2 and other external disks all working at a greater bandwidth (I guess now that my Mac book pro has Usb 3).
My only complaint is that … It doesn’t look like it comes with an adaptor so I guess… Not powered hub out of the box! Damn!! Almost perfect.
Ha… Looks so cool tha I had to buy a couple of red and black usb cables… Now that’s overpriced, but somehow worth since they will be visible in the cable mess of the hub!

Theoretically, how many overbridge items can you hook up to this at a time?

analog gear, yay, braided cables yay, drum machine with wicked colors yay, usb connectivity fuck YAY… usb overhub fanboy hub overpriced hub … guys take a break please… where is your sense of fun, party, support, …that china company makes them usb hubs 20 per cent cheaper…

it won’t be bandwidth limited (maybe software)
even 7 * 12Mb/s will not tickle a 480Mb/s USB2 MTT hub

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