Overbridge Pattern Clips 0.3.1 M4L Device [later version linked]

This is a work in progress.
Let me know if you have issues or think it should work in a certain way. I’ll try to add features and fix issues as I can.

—Updated to version 0.3 November 13th 2019—

  • Switch between Overbridge Mode and Program Change Mode (in case that you don’t want to use Overbridge).

  • Added note off message to Overbridge mode to prevent accidental stuck notes.

—Updated to version 0.2 September 18th 2019—

  • Program changes (notes) are now sent when a clip is “armed” rather than when selected.
  • Can use multiple Elektron Overbridge devices at the same time switching to different patterns on each individual Elektron Device.



Overbridge_Pattern_Clips_0.3.1.amxd (48.2 KB)


----Original Post----

Hi Elektronauts!

I made a pretty simple but useful Max for Live device that I wanted to share with whomever will find it helpful.

It’s a MIDI Effect Device which lets you name Clips starting with the pattern name like, A1…A2…H14…H15…H16… and when you select the clip it changes to that pattern.

It makes it easier to setup pattern changes in Ableton Live but the real reason I made it was to solve the Pattern Delay issue.
Normally pattern changes can only be sent when a clip starts playing and it takes the Elektron device 1 more pattern loop before it changes to the correct pattern.

This device makes it so the program change (MIDI Note on Channel 16) gets sent right when you select the clip (with mouse or push or launchpad or scene playing etc). This way if you select a scene a few beats or bars before you want it to change the Elektron machine follows correctly… Yay!

The link is at the top of the thread. I’ll add some more detailed instructions but I typed out how to use it on the maxforlive.com webpage. It’s pretty simple to use…

This is a 0.1 release I made for myself today but wanted to share because I think it’s useful.
It’s very simple right now but I will probably expand on it some after I put some use in.
I’ve only tested it on the Digitakt but it should work on the Digitone too. I’m not sure about the Analog devices but if the pattern scheme isn’t correct I’ll release an update that lets yo select what type of device you have in the future.

Let me know if you notice any glaring bugs or issues I might be able to fix quickly.

Basic instructions:

1)Drop it on it’s own “new” MIDI Track
2)Route that MIDI Track to the track that has the Overbridge plugin and set the MIDI track output to MIDI Channel 16.
3) Create clips on the MIDI track and name them starting with the name of the pattern with the letter capitalized like: A1 or H16 for example.
4) Make sure the clip name starts with the pattern name, make sure it’s capitalized, and make sure there is a space after the pattern name for it to work like: A1 Drums only or A2 Sounds of Almond nut dew running down a corn leaf or H14 I can’t believe I have this many patterns. (or whatever relevant thing you want to name it.




Using clip selection my be limited to 1 device (according to some feedback). I’ll do some testing and see. I should be able to come up with a solution for the 0.2 release if that’s the case.

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This is neat! I can’t wait to play around with this!


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If direct change is activated the pattern should change directly using channel 16.
At least that’s the behaviour I am getting, maybe i dont understand what your tool is doing ? :slight_smile:

  1. It allows you to select patterns on your Elektron device by putting the name of the pattern in the clip “A1 or F12” for example. Helps with note to pattern translation in more “human” terms.

  2. It sends the change as soon as you select the clip. This prevents pattern changes being sent too late to follow the change in Ableton Live (solution for late pattern changes when using Ableton Live clips).

I see so just typing the name of the pattern is triggering the correct midi note ?

  • That’s really nice
    Not sure, about the “change as soon as you select the clip” as i did not experience this issue :slight_smile: at least not with OB, only in midi/usb.
    Regardless the name macro is really cool !
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Yep! Thats all it does right now.

This is the 0.1 release so it’s basically an alpha release (I’m not a software developer by trade).

I’m going to try to make a more robust pattern change feature instead of just “selecting” the clip" I’d like it to change whenever the clip is armed to play…

Thats for the 0.2 release though :slight_smile:


Quick question.

For naming clip convention: are you using equal to or “in”

Does the pattern need to be specifically “A16” or can it be

“A16 - Outro”?

It can be “A16 - Outro”.
As long as the name starts with the Naming convention A16 (capitalized) and then there is a space after the “A16”

A16 - Outro: is okay
a16 - outro: is not okay
A16-Outro is not okay

I’ll be releasing an update late tonight I think if I get time when the kiddo goes to bed.

I think I’ll change the functionality to send the pattern change when the clip is triggered rather than just selected (I’ve ran into potential issues with the previous use case).


Giddy up! Thanks!

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Updated to version 0.2! :smile:


Good Morning everyone. I can confirm after a short run it is working.
Thank you Airyck!


Not being able to record MIDI into the Elektron sequencer through Overbridge has been bugging me. I’m testing an option to switch between Overbridge mode and program change modes. It’s already working fine, just needs interface of some sort when I have time.

This will make Overbridge pattern clips work with or without Overbridge.

Version 0.3 coming soon :slight_smile:


Version 0.3 is available.

  • Switch between Overbridge and Program Change modes.

Version 0.3.1 is available.

  • Centered temporary UI (it wasn’t centered and was bugging me).

Time is limited (Kiddo 2 arrives in 1 week (#1 needed a brother)) but I’m planning to add more features when time allows.

A couple of ideas I had but I’m not sure on implementation yet:

  • Pattern history of sorts. Showing what pattern you are currently on and the patterns you played before.

  • Scratch the fill mode idea… no MIDI implementation for it :frowning:

  • Performance controls based on which device type you are controlling (DT, DN, AR, etc…).

  • Arrangement mode (will take some serious pondering on how to make this work).

  • Other ideas as they come with usage.

  • Slow evolution into a complete “helper” device…


I finally got a chance to try this out! This is phenomenal! You’re a pre-emptive lifesaver! Thank you so much for this!

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Thanks Ryan! And I always thought I’d have to be a Paramedic or a Doctor to have that kind of opportunity :sunny:

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I had an epiphany last night on how to make arrangement mode work!

Doing some preliminary work and it looks feasible. I still have to work out how to collect all the data I need at the right times. Timing is the hardest part but I think I can pull it off.
It’ll look like a magic trick where I can predict the future but it should work.

We’ll be able to lay out patterns in arrangement and they will change on time by sending the upcoming pattern slightly ahead of time.

I’ll post an update once it’s all working. No exact time frame but most likely it’ll be a Tuesday :sunglasses:

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Hey man I tried you max patch and it worked, but had problems with multiple devices from what I remember haven’t tried it in a while…
thought i would mention it for you to possibly check out