How do you use AR with other sequencers? pls help RE: Data structure & PC msgs

Hi Im trying to integrate my new AR with my setup and its a bit confusing so far.

Is anyone successfully using the AR as a slave to another sequencer? Changing patterns and the data structure are proving to be troublesome.

How do you deal with the PC sort of latency thing? my sequencer sends a PC msg and the AR takes an additional bar to make the change, seems no matter what mode.

And how do you organize your songs/patterns on the AR? Im wondering how Id keep multiple songs saved per project. Do you do a few songs per bank? then have to memorize or keep notes for the manual pattern changes you need to do because of the above stated thing…? I know Im probably missing something obvious here, though Ive been talking to some people sharing the same frustrations. Having a hard time getting help on this too, so very grateful for any feedback!!! Please give me a basic rundown of your setup/workflow etc?!

I have an AR on the way but have never used one (yet).
I can however help with the PC latency thing if you’re using Ableton Live and have Max for Live.

In the most basic sense of how it does what you need: It sends the program change message as soon as you arm your next clip rather than at the start of the clip playing.

Right now I have it set up to only work with Overbridge (sending note changes on channel 16).
Version 0.3 will have the option to use MIDI program changes (without Overbridge).
Version 0.3 has really mostly been done for a while but I haven’t taken the time yet to finish it up for release (soon).

Right on. well for now Im not using Ableton. Hoping to get it working with just my hardware.

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Worth a shot. I’ll know more once I get my hands on mine.